Featured Prayers: Sundays after Trinity / Pentecost

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Collects of the Day

The following prayers / collects were originally composed or chosen to go with the historic lectionary, a series of lessons that developed in the early church. It was a one-year series, that is, the same lessons would be read on the same Sundays, each year. For the historic lectionary on an interactive calendar, see www.sanctus.org.

Summer and Fall Commemorations

Featured Prayers: Prayers for Peace in Troubled Times

Collects for Peace

Other Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Protection

Prayers for Leaders


Featured Prayers: The Holy Trinity

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Trinity - Wikipedia

The Trisagion

200+ Free Trinity & Dublin Images - Pixabay


File:Shield-Trinity-Scutum-Fidei-English.svg - Wikimedia Commons


Trinity,gold,symbol,trefoil,religion - free image from needpix.com


Nicene Creed - Wikipedia


Fieschi Psalter, Initial "D" with the Trinity; SS. Francis… | Flickr


Prayer Book (compilation), Initial "T" with Trinity, Walte… | Flickr

Other Prayers

Featured Prayers: Pentecost


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Ancient Antiphon and Prayer





Catholic Charismatic Renewal Golden Jubilee – Renewal ...

Other Pentecost Prayers

Featured Prayers: Easter

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Holy Saturday / Easter Eve

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Historic Collects for Easter

Modern numbering of Sundays is used. (Old numbering in parentheses.)

Mozarabic Collects for Easter

Modern numbering of Sundays is used. (Old numbering in parentheses.)

Other Classic Prayers for Easter

Image result for Road to Emmaus

Easter Evening / Emmaus

The Good Shepherd – Misericordias Domini, Second Sunday after Easter (Old Lectionary), Fourth Sunday of Easter (New Lectionary).

Image result for ascension of Christ

Ascension Day


Image result for lamb of GOd

Canticle: Worthy is the Lamb Dignus est Agnus

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Featured Prayers: Lent

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Prayers for Ash Wednesday

Short Devotional Liturgy for Ash Wednesday

Other Prayers and Collects for Lent

Historic Collects for Lent

Mozarabic Collects for Lent

Passion Prayers

Penitential Prayers


Holy Week

Palm Sunday

Days of Holy Week



Holy (Maundy) Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday / Easter Eve

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Featured Prayers: Epiphany


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Prayers for the Epiphany of Our Lord (January 6)

Observed by some traditions on the Sunday after January 1.

Chalking the Door, a home liturgy for Epiphany or New Year

Jesus Baptized by John the Baptistin the River Jordan

Prayers for the Baptism of Our Lord

Observed by some traditions on the Sunday after the Epiphany. 

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Featured Prayers: Christmas


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Highlighted prayers:

Special Rites:

Historic Collects:

General Prayer/Prayer of the Church/Prayers of the People



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Featured Prayers: Advent

Advent 3

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Highlighted prayers:

Rites for the Lighting of an Advent Wreath

The “O Antiphons”

“Stir Up” Prayers

Historic Collects for Advent:

General Prayers for Advent:



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Featured Prayers: Thanksgiving Day

Prayers with the tag “thanksgiving day” can be seen at this link:

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