Confession before Communion

Confession, when a Christian wishes to come to the Lord’s Table. Dear sir, I ask, would you hear my confession and pronounce the forgiveness of sins to me for God’s sake? Yes. I, a poor sinner, confess to God and to you that I have sinned much against all the commandments of God in my … Continue reading Confession before Communion

Prayers When Reading the Word

A short sigh to God the Father O God, Father of all poor, miserable souls! Give us all your grace and enlighten us with your truth. To you be praise, glory and thanks forever. Amen. Another to God the Son Lord Jesus, our King, you are Peace, Light and Life. Enlighten, awaken and strengthen our … Continue reading Prayers When Reading the Word

A Foretaste of the Heavenly Banquet

The following post-communion prayer combines elements of three prayers which seemed to have a common source.  Almighty God, our heavenly Father, gracious and merciful Lord, we give you thanks and praise for the foretaste of the heavenly banquet that you have given us to eat and to drink in the body and blood of your dear … Continue reading A Foretaste of the Heavenly Banquet

Holy Spirit, Light of Truth, Comfort for the Soul

O Holy Spirit, true God, Lord almighty, when you visibly poured yourself out on the apostles, you revealed yourself as the light of truth and comfort for the soul whom the Son of God promised. We humbly pray that you would have mercy on us, and for the sake of our Savior Jesus Christ, awaken in us true knowledge of you. Move us to … Continue reading Holy Spirit, Light of Truth, Comfort for the Soul

Against the Devil’s Tyranny

Lord God, heavenly Father, you sent your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, into this world to destroy the works of the devil, and to protect us poor people against such an evil foe. Protect us. Keep us safe. Uphold us in all affliction by your Holy Spirit so that we may have peace from such … Continue reading Against the Devil’s Tyranny

Two Wedding Prayers

O eternal God, creator and preserver of all mankind, giver of all spiritual grace, author of everlasting life, send your blessing on this man and this woman whom we bless in your name. Help and empower them to live faithfully together, and to keep the promises made to each other and to you. Keep them in … Continue reading Two Wedding Prayers

Lord Jesus, Be Our Holy Guest

Lord Jesus, be our holy Guest, Our morning Joy, our evening Rest; And with our daily bread impart Your love and peace to every heart. Amen. Source: Slightly modified from “Forms of Grace before Meat,” The Book of Common Worship, Henry Van Dyke, editor, Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work, 1906, p. 167. According to The Catholic Prayer … Continue reading Lord Jesus, Be Our Holy Guest

Protect Us that We May Serve You

O Lord, graciously receive the prayers of your church, that by your protection from all adversity and error, we may serve you in safety and freedom. Grant us your peace all the days of our life; through Christ our Lord. Amen. Source: The Order of Complin, Sarum Rite, p. 38 Original in traditional English: O … Continue reading Protect Us that We May Serve You

Canticle: Give Thanks to the Father (A Song of Redemption)

The canticle Give Thanks to the Father (A Song of Redemption) is used in the Roman Liturgy of the Hours in Evening Prayer on Wednesdays. Give thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the … Continue reading Canticle: Give Thanks to the Father (A Song of Redemption)

For Health and Healing

Almighty God, you are the only source of health and healing. In you there is calm, and the only true peace in the universe. Grant to each one of us your children an awareness of your presence, and give us perfect confidence in you. In all pain and weariness and anxiety teach us to yield … Continue reading For Health and Healing