Confessing the Faith

On June 25, Lutherans remember the presentation of the Augsburg Confession. On June 25, 1530, Lutheran princes stood before Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Augsburg and presented their confession of faith.

Lord Jesus Christ,
before your ascension,
you told your disciples
to keep all the instructions
you had given them,
and then you promised
to be with your disciples
even to the end of the world.
We give thanks for those
who boldly confessed your truth
at the Diet of Augsburg
and for all Christians
in all times and in all places
who are persecuted, threatened
and even killed
because they proclaim your Word.
Bless your Word
and all who confess and teach it,
that your good news
may spread to all creation,
and that people
now and in years to come
learn your truth
and find eternal life
with you.

Source: Paul C. Stratman © 2017.

“Lord Jesus Christ, before your ascension,…” is a reference to Matthew 28:20

“…who are persecuted, threatened and even killed…” is a reference to Romans 8:35

“now and in years to come…” is a reference to Psalm 78:4

“…and find eternal life with you…” is a reference to John 17:3

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