Give Me Your Holy Spirit and Power

Dearest Lord Christ,
you have enlightened my heart
with your truth.
Give me also
your Holy Spirit
and power,
that I may know and do
what pleases you.

Source: Martin Luther, translated for A Collection of Prayers from Die Gebete Luthers, #201.

Original in German:

Lieber Herr Christe, der du mein hertz mit deiner warheit erleuchtet hast, wöllest mir auch deinen H[eiligen] Geyst und krafft geben, zu thun und zu lassen, was deinem gnedigen willen wolgefellet.

Translation note:

“..that I may know and do what pleases you.” is more literally translated “that I may do and allow what pleases your gracious will.



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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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