You Lay Bare our Sins

O God,
you lay bare our sins
when we cloak them with empty excuses,
and in your compassionate wisdom
you remove all doubt
from things uncertain,
and bring forth to light
what was hidden.
When our evil
has been brought home to our conscience,
sprinkle on us the dew of your mercy
and make us white as snow.
Help us amend our lives,
turn your face from our sins,
blot out all our iniquities
and renew our hearts
by the inspiration of your Holy Spirit,
that rejoicing in his indwelling,
we may continually open our lips
to declare your praise;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: Mozarabic
Source of this version: Freely modified from A Century of Collects, [27] selected and translated by Atwell M. Y. Baylay, 1913.


Mozarabic, ad.

The Quiet Hour

I offer to you all my sins and offences,
which I have committed before you,
from that day I first could sin, even to this hour;
that you may consume and burn them,
one and all,
with the fire of your love,
and do away all the stains of my sins,
and cleanse my conscience from all offences,
and restore to me your grace,
fully forgiving me all,
and admitting me mercifully to the kiss of peace.

I offer up also to you all that is good in me,
though it is very small and imperfect,
that you may amend and sanctify it,
that you may make it grateful and acceptable to you,
and always perfect it more and more.

Bring me also,
slothful and unprofitable poor creature as I am,
to a good and blessed end. 

Source: Thomas à Kempis
Source of this version: Freely modified from Prayers of the Middle Ages, edited by J. Manning Potts, 1954.

For Pardon, Purity and Grace

O Holy God,
in you is all goodness,
your pity and mercy made you to descend from the high throne
down into this world,
the valley of woe and weeping,
and here you took our nature,
and in that nature, you suffered pain and death
to bring our souls to your Kingdom.
Merciful Lord,
forgive us all our sins that we have done, thought, and said.
O glorious Trinity,
cleanse our hearts and purify our souls.
Restore us with your Holy Spirit,
and strengthen us with your might,
that we may always withstand evil temptations.
Comfort us with your Holy Spirit,
and fulfill us with grace and charity,
that we may live virtuously and love you with all our heart,
with all our might, and with all our soul,
so that we may never offend you,
but ever follow your pleasure in will, word, thought, and deed.
Now grant us this, good, infinite Lord,
you endure forever;
through Jesus Christ your Son. Amen.

Source: Richard Rolle, d. 1349
Source of this version: Freely modified from Prayers of the Middle Ages, edited by J. Manning Potts, 1954.

Confession and Prayer for Forgiveness

O Lord, O King,
magnificent in the stronghold of heaven,
always worthy of praise.
In your grace for your people:
have mercy.

to whom the hosts of cherubim sing in endless praise:
have mercy.

the heavenly armies sing high praise to you,
and the seraphim reply to them:
have mercy.

O Christ,
enthroned as King above,
whom all orders of angels in their beauty praise without ceasing,
on us, your servants, always:
have mercy.

O Christ,
your one only Church throughout the world sings to you.
The sun, the moon, and stars, the land and sea, always serve you:
have mercy.

O Christ,
your saints, the heirs of the eternal country,
one and all with utter joy proclaim you in a most worthy strain:
have mercy.

O Lord,
O gentle Son of Mary,
O King of Kings,
blessed Redeemer,
on those you have ransomed from the power of death
by your own blood:
have mercy.

O noblest unbegotten, yet begotten Son,
having no beginning of age,
yet excelling all things,
on this your congregation in your pity:
have mercy.

O Sun of Righteousness,
in all unclouded glory,
supreme dispenser of justice,
in that great day when you will come to be our judge,
on this your people, who here stand before your presence,
in your pity:
Lord, then have mercy on us. Amen.

Source: Dunstan of Canterbury
Source of this version: Freely modified from Prayers of the Middle Ages, edited by J. Manning Potts, 1954.

Confession of Sins from the Book of Cerne

I come before your sight, O Lord,
as one accused with my conscience as witness.
I pray, not daring to ask what I am not worthy to receive.
But Lord, you know everything
that drives us to confess to you;
what we are ashamed of,
and the sins we were not afraid to commit.
With these words we yield to you our hearts and minds,
and commend to you what we say,
but not what we have done.
Spare us, O Lord, and forgive the sins we confess.
Have mercy on those who call to you.
And because my senses are weak
in comprehending your mysteries,
grant, Lord, the things we do not ask
because of the hardness of our hearts,
and grant us pardon;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Source: Book of Cerne,

Ante oculos tuos domine reus conscientiae testis adsisto rogare non audeo quod impetrare non merear . Tu enim scis domine omnia quae aguntur in nobis erubescimus confitere quod per nos non timemus conmittere . Uerbis tibi tantum obsequimur corde autem mentimus . et quod uelle nos dicimus nolle nostris actibus adprobamus . parce domine confitentibus ignosce peccantibus . miserere te rogantibus . et quia in sacramentis tuis meus sensus infirmus est . praesta domine ut qui ex nobis duri cordis uerba non suscipis . per te nobis ueniam largiaris iesus christus dominus noster . Amen.



Prayer for the Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

O merciful God,
you justified the tax collector
who stood at a distance,
and while beating his breast,
confessed his sins to you.
As we acknowledge our unworthiness,
and ask for your mercy,
forgive all our sins;
through your mercy,
and for the sake of Jesus Christ,
your Son, our Savior.

Source: Mozarabic Rite, from The New Mozarabic Collects, [63] (Trinity 11)


Mozarabic, ad.

Sanctify, Calm, Cleanse, Strengthen


Lord God,
Father of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ,
your name is great,
your nature is wonderful,
your goodness is inexhaustible,
you are God and Master of all things,
and are blessed forever.
You sit between the cherubim,
and are glorified by the seraphim.
Before you stand thousands of thousands
and ten thousand times ten thousand,
the hosts of holy angels and archangels.
Sanctify our souls and bodies and spirits,
calm our fears
cleanse our consciences,
and drive out every evil thought,
every selfish desire,
envy, pride, hypocrisy,
falsehood, deceit, anxiety,
covetousness, arrogance, laziness,
malice, anger, grudges,
blasphemy, deeds or thoughts
that are contrary to your holy will.
O Lord, since you love us all,
give us the strength to boldly call on you
in the freedom of Christ,
without condemnation,
with a pure heart and a contrite soul,
with undivided attention
and with sanctified lips,
as our holy God and Father in heaven.

Source:  Liturgy of St. James, from Ancient Collects, ed. William Bright, p. 1#1.

“…in the freedom of Christ” was an addition for doctrinal reasons and for emphasis.

“between the cherubim” may be a reference to Exodus 25:22

“glorified by the seraphim” may be a reference to Isaiah 6:2

“ten thousand times ten thousand” may be a reference to Jude 1:14 or Revelation 5:11

“drive out every evil thought…” and what follows resembles Galatians 5:19-21

“pure heart” may be a reference to Psalm 24:42 Timothy 2:22 or Hebrews 10:22

“sanctified lips” may be a reference to Isaiah 6:7