Reflection on Psalm 46

This prayer reflects on the violence and tension in Virginia in August 2017, and of the promise, assurance and guidance in Psalm 46.

O God,
you are our refuge and strength.
You promise your help in trouble,
and you give it.

The earth still stands,
the mountains aren’t shaken,
but our hearts are troubled.
People roar and shout loudly
like the raging sea.

Be our river of calm.
Remind us
that without you
we are worthless.
Our value
comes from being purchased
with the blood of your Son.
Your church sings,
“Come, Lord, and help your people
bought with the price of your own blood.”

Lord of hosts,
be our refuge,
our fortress,
our unchanging rock.

You are not to blame
for violence,
or war.
Those the human race
has inflicted on itself.
The desolation
comes from our anger,
and hate.
This sin
infects us all.
Have mercy.

You call us to peace,
and you call us
to draw near to you
with sincere hearts
and repent.

Be exalted,
and bring your stillness,
your peace,
to our hearts.

Source: Paul C. Stratman, based on Psalm 46, Hebrews 10:22, with a line from the Te Deum laudamus.

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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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