Give Us Your Righteousness

6069369723_ee697728eb_z_dO God,
source of perfect blessedness,
you teach your faithful people to walk in your laws,
to search your testimonies,
to keep your commands;
Give us your righteousness,
that we may seek you with our whole hearts;
that we, who often have wandered like lost sheep,
may be restored by your kind arms,
and rejoice in the glories of Paradise,
through Jesus Christ your Son.

Source: Sarum Breviary

Source of this version: Freely modified from Prayers Ancient and Modern
by Mary Wilder Tileston, Boston, Little Brown, 1914, p. 63 #2

Graphic: Page from an English Psalter, from Flickr, Walters Art Museum, Public Domain.



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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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