Hymnal and Order of Service, Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod, 1925

Hymnal_Augustana.pngThe Hymnal and Order of Service was published by the Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod in 1925. It contained a liturgical section that was not typical of Lutheran hymnals of the time, probably due to Augustana’s Swedish heritage. Along with Swedish service music, there is also some by English composer Sir John Stainer. It contains a version of the Common Service, along with the introits, collects and graduals. It also contains The Holy Communion with Full Service, and The Holy Communion without Full Service, Matins on Christmas Day, Matins on Easter Sunday, Vespers, the Litany, and Occasional Prayers, along with orders for Baptism, Confirmation and Burial. The Communion services, Matins and Vespers are notably different from the Common Service and traditional Matins and Vespers. 

Unfortunately, The Hymnal and Order of Service is not available through Google Books or Archive.org. Hymns, along with page scans, are available at Hymnary.org.

It contained a set of “General Morning and Evening Prayers” that included prayers by Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, Luther, Loehe and others.

We make electronic versions of some of the services and other materials available here: 

  1. The Service (text only, traditional English) [pdf] [docx
  2. The Holy Communion with the Full Service (text only, traditional English) [pdf][docx
  3. Vespers (text only, traditional English) [pdf] [docx]
  4. The Litany (text identical to that in Common Service Book) [pdf] [docx]
  5. General Morning and Evening Prayers (revised, in contemporary language) [pdf]  [docx

The Hymnal and Order of Service also contained services from the Common Service project. Here are links to the resources from our Common Service Book page:

  1. Morning and Holy Communion [pdf] [docx]
  2. Introits, Collects, Epistles, Graduals and Gospels  [pdf] [docx]
  3. Vespers [pdf] [docx]
  4. Order for Public Confession (not in all editions of The Hymnal and Order of Service) [pdf] [docx]

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