For Friends

Almighty and eternal God,have mercy on your servants, our friends.Keep them continually under your protection,and direct them according to your gracious favor in the way of eternal salvation.May they desire whatever pleases you,and with all their strength strive to do it.As they trust in your mercy, O Lord,graciously assist them with your heavenly help,that they … Continue reading For Friends

For Absent Friends

O blessed Lord,you have commanded us to love one another.Just as we have received your undeserved blessings,may we love everyone in you and for you. We ask your kindness for all,but especially for the friendswhom your love has given to us.Love them, O fountain of love,and move them to love youwith all their heart,that they … Continue reading For Absent Friends

For Our Friends

O fountain of love, love our friends and teach them to love you with all their hearts, that they may think and speak and do only what is pleasing to you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Source: St. Anselm, eleventh centurySource of this version: Freely modified from Prayers of the Middle Ages, edited by J. Manning Potts, … Continue reading For Our Friends

For a Friend Before a Journey

O God, you always bestow your mercy on those who love you, and are near those who serve you. Direct the way of your servant in your will. Protect and guide him, that he may walk without stumbling in the paths of righteousness, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Source: Gallican Sacramentary, 8th century Source of this version: … Continue reading For a Friend Before a Journey

For Friends and Relatives

Have mercy, O Lord, on all those tied with us in the bonds of friendship and family, and grant that they, with us, may be so perfectly conformed to your holy will, that being cleansed from all sin, we may be found worthy, by the inspiration of your love, to be partakers together of the … Continue reading For Friends and Relatives

Wedding Dinner Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,we give you thanks and praisefor your great acts of love,your passion which overcame sin and death,and your resurrection which overcame the power of the grave,all to make us your ownthrough your redeeming love.Pour out your blessings on Katrina and Ethanthat nothing may quench their lovesince it is empowered by your great love.Bless … Continue reading Wedding Dinner Prayer

Scriptural Way of the Cross

The Scriptural Way of the Cross or Scriptural Stations of the Cross is a modern version of the ancient Christian devotion called the Stations of the Cross. The versicle and response, “We adore you, O Christ,…” is from the traditional devotions for the Stations of the Cross. The prayers that follow each scriptural devotion are … Continue reading Scriptural Way of the Cross

Featured Prayers: Sundays after Trinity / Pentecost

[A work in progress…] Collects of the Day The following prayers / collects were originally composed or chosen to go with the historic lectionary, a series of lessons that developed in the early church. It was a one-year series, that is, the same lessons would be read on the same Sundays, each year. For the … Continue reading Featured Prayers: Sundays after Trinity / Pentecost

A Litany for Peace

Good God,gracious Father,creator of us all,have mercy on us. O Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man,our brother,have mercy on us. True Spirit,moving over us,Lord and giver of life,have mercy on us. Look at our world, broken by sin.Look at our hearts, broken in grief.Look at our minds, shaken in confusion.Have mercy on us. … Continue reading A Litany for Peace