Carry Your People through All Earthly Evils

Almighty and eternal God,
your Son Jesus Christ healed the sick,
and strengthened them in both in body and soul.
We pray, be gracious also to __________.
Assure him of your forgiveness of sins,
strengthen him by your grace
and carry him through all earthly evils
until you bring him to eternal safety;
through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: Paul C. Stratman, 2021, adapted from a prayer by Veit Dietrich for Epiphany 3.

Note: This prayer is written for those who are sick and suffering, and may be approaching end of life.

Litany for the Sick

Lord God, the Father in heaven, have mercy on him.
Lord God, the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on him.
Lord God, the Holy Spirit, have mercy on him.

Be gracious to him. Spare him, good Lord.
Be gracious to him. Help him, good Lord.
From all sin, good Lord, deliver him.

From all unbelief and doubt,
from your just and dreadful wrath,
from all plots and assaults of the devil,
from the fear of eternal death,
from the anguish and pains of hell,
and from all evil, defend him, good Lord.

By your holy nativity,
by your agony and bloody sweat,
by your cross and passion,
by your glorious resurrection and ascension, help him, good Lord.

In the hour of death,
and in the day of judgment, help him, good Lord.

That you would give him health of body and soul,
that he may confidently look to your fatherly goodness for whatever is needed,
that he may call on you in true faith,
that your good angel may defend, direct and conduct him  in all his ways,
that in steadfast faith he may withstand and overcome all temptation,
that he may commend himself, body and soul, to your will,
that he may truly now and sincerely repent of all his sins, hear us, good Lord.

That he may find comfort in your goodness and mercy,
that he may willingly forgive all his enemies and persecutors,
that he may turn away from all desires and pleasures of the world,
that his desire may be for you and the treasures of your heavenly kingdom,
that he may await his last hour in patience,
that he may commit his spirit into your hands,
that his departure may be in peace,
that he may have a part in the resurrection to life,
that he may meet his Lord with joy,
that he may live forever in your kingdom,
Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on him.

Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world; have mercy on him.
Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world; have mercy on him.
Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world; grant him your peace. Amen

Everlasting God, merciful Father, you tenderly care for us in our need and sorrow, and you allowed your Son to be tempted in every way as we are, yet he was without sin, that we might have a merciful and faithful High Priest who knows our weakness. We your children pray for our afflicted brother, who lies under your mighty hand. Do not deal with him in judgment for his sins but strengthen and comfort him  by your Holy Spirit with faith and patience, that his sickness may be to your glory and for the salvation of his soul; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

Source: 16th century Kirchenordnung, the Church Book, in Oremus, 1925, ed. by Paul Zeller Strodach, freeely modified.

For the Sick and Suffering

O Christ our Lord,
Physician of salvation,
grant all who are sick the aid of heavenly healing.
Look on all faithful people who are sick
and who love to call on your name,
and take their souls into your keeping,
and deliver them from all sickness and infirmity;
through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Source: Mozarabic Liturgy

Source of this version: Freely modified from Prayers of the Middle Ages, edited by J. Manning Potts, 1954


Mozarabic, ad.

Prayers for the Sick from the Book of Dimma

The Evangelist Mark, from the Book of Dimma

Let us pray, brothers, to the Lord our God for our brother _____, who now suffers under severe hardships, that the goodness of the Lord may heal him with heavenly medicine. May he who has given the soul, also preserve it; through our Lord. [1]

To the almighty living God, who restores and strengthens all his works, let us pray, dear brothers, for our sick brother, that either in renewal or recovery the creature may feel the hand of the creator; in the man of his making may the tender Father recreate his work; through our Lord. [2]

O Lord, holy Father, author of the universe, almighty and eternal God, to whom all are alive. You bring the dead to life and call things that are not as those that are. Since you are the maker, in love do your work  for this person you have fashioned; through our Lord. [3]

To God, in whose hands are the support of the living and the life of the dead, we pray that this infirm body may be cured  and this soul be healed, that what he does not deserve by merit, he may receive by our prayers for your mercy’s sake; through our Lord. [4]

O God, you do not desire the death of a sinner but that he turn and live. Forgive the sins of this man who has turned to you with all his heart, and give him the grace of eternal life; through our Lord. [5]

O God, you always govern your creatures with tender affection. Hear our prayers for your servant _____, who is suffering from bodily sickness.  Visit him with your deliverance, and give him the medicine of your heavenly grace; through our Lord. [6]

Source: The Book of Dimma, 7th century. Prayer #6 is also found in Gelasian sources.

Source of this version: Prayers from the Ancient Celtic Church, © 2018, Paul C. Stratman

Originals in Latin:

Oremus, fratres, dominum deum nostrum pro fratre nostro .n. quem duri adpresens malum langoris adulcerat, ut eum domini pietas caelestibus dignetur curare medicinis ; qui dedit animam det etsalutem, perdominum nostrum. [1]

Deum uiuum omnipotentem, cui omnia opera restaurare [et] confirmare facillimum est, fratres carissimi, profratre nostro infirmo supliciter oremus, quo creatura manum sentiat creatoris aut inreparando aut inrecipiendo ; inhomine suo pius pater opus suum recreare dignetur, perdominum nostrum. [2]

Domine, sancte pater, uniuersitatis auctor, omnipotens aeternae deus, cui cuncta uiuunt, qui uiuificas mortuos et uocas ea quae non sunt, tanquam ea quae sunt, tuum solitum opus, qui es artifex, pie exerce in hoc plasmate tuo, perdominum. [3]

Deum in cuius manu tam alitus uiuentis quam uita morientis, fratres dilectissimi, deprecemur, ut corporis huius infirmitatem sanet et animae salutem prestet; ut quod per meritum non meretur, misericordiae gratia consequatur, orantibus nobis, perdominum. [4]

Deus, qui non uis mortem peccatoris, sed ut conuertatur et uiuat, huic adte excorde conuerso peccata dimite, et perennis uitae tribu[e] gratiam, perdominum. [5]

Deus, qui facturam tuam pio semper do[mi]nares afectu, inclina aurem tuam suplicantibus nobis tibi; ad famulum tuum .n. aduersitate ualitudinis corporis laborantem placitus respice; uisita eum insalutare tuo, et caelestis gratiae ad medicamentum, per dominum. [6]



The Medicine of Heavenly Grace

O God,
you always govern your creatures
with tender affection.
Hear our prayers
and graciously help your servant
who is suffering from bodily sickness.
Visit him with your salvation
and give him the medicine of heavenly grace;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: Gelasian Rite

Source of this version: Freely modified from Benediction of a Parish House or Mission Room, Book of Offices, 1914




Our Only Help in Time of Need

Prayer Book Bible Reading Book Of Common Prayer

O Father of mercies and God of all comfort,
our only help in time of need,
see, visit, and relieve your sick servant N.,
for whom our we pray.
Look on him with mercy,
comfort him with your goodness,
preserve him from the temptations of the enemy,
and give him patience under his affliction.
In your good time restore him to health
and enable him to lead the rest of his life
in your fear and to your glory,
and grant that he may dwell with you
in life everlasting;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Source: Freely modified from  The Order for Visitation of the Sick, U. S. Book of Common Prayer, 1928

This prayer combines two prayers from the Book of Common Prayer:

LORD, look down from heaven, behold, visit, and relieve this thy servant. Look upon him with the eyes of thy mercy, give him comfort and sure confidence in thee, defend him in all danger, and keep him in perpetual peace and safety; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

FATHER of mercies, and God of all comfort, our only help in time of need; We fly unto thee for succour in behalf of this thy servant, here lying in great weakness of body. Look graciously upon him, O Lord; and the more the outward man decayeth, strengthen him, we beseech thee, so much the more continually with thy grace and Holy Spirit in the inner man. Give him unfeigned repentance for all the errors of his life past, and stedfast faith in thy Son Jesus; that his sins may be done away by thy mercy, and his pardon sealed in heaven; through the same thy Son, our Lord and Saviour. Amen

Restore Health of Body and Mind

Prayer Book Bible Reading Book Of Common Prayer

Almighty and immortal God,
giver of life and health,
hear our prayer for your servant N.
Bless him and those who serve him with your healing gifts,
and as it pleases you,
restore to him health of body and of mind,
that he may give thanks to you in your holy Church;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: freely modified from The Order for the Visitation of the SickBook of Common Prayer, Church of Scotland, 1912

A Sarum Blessing for the Sick

old_sarum_cathedral_reconstructionMay the Father,
who created all things in the beginning, bless you.
May the + Son of God heal you.
May the Holy Spirit enlighten you,
guard your body, save your soul,
direct your thoughts,
and bring you safe to the heavenly country,
where he lives and reigns,
God, in a perfect Trinity,
forever and ever.

Source: Sarum Rite

Source of this version: Modified from Ancient Collects, and Other Prayers, ed. William Bright, 1902, p. 193 #2

Graphic: Model of Old Sarum (Salisbury) Cathedral,