Christian Prayer

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It is said that when Martin Luther was dying, a slip of paper was found in his pocket on which he had scribbled, “Truly we are all beggars.” By definition, prayer is asking or begging. In all our abundance, we are tempted to forget that—and to forget prayer altogether.

Long ago I took a class, “The Theology and Practice of Prayer,” and a native African pastor in the class asked, “Why do you need a book to pray?” No one really needs a book to pray. We have examples of written prayers in the Old Testament with the psalms which have been called the Bible’s song and prayer book. We have the example of Jesus himself giving the Lord’s Prayer: once saying “Pray like this…” (Matthew 6:9) and another time saying, “When you pray, say ‘Our Father…” (Luke 11:2). So there is a biblical precedent for written and memorized prayer.

This book strives to bring together the best classic prayers and rites from many sources and arranges them for personal devotion. Most of the prayers are gathered from Christians of the past as a source of prayer for Christians today. Thus, the title Christian Prayer.

This prayer book can also be used for group or congregational worship. The topical prayers can be used as intercessions in corporate worship. The confessions and absolutions and the litanies can be read alone, but they are printed so they can be used with a leader and group.

This book contains texts or basic outlines for the main services of the church, the Divine Service, and Matins and Vespers, along with Prime and Compline modified from our publication The Antiphonary of Bangor and The Divine Offices of Bangor.

The topical prayers drew from many sources, all updated in language and edited for consistency.

Seasonal Devotions and Home Liturgies are short rites can be used by families or small groups to observe days and seasons that may not always be celebrated in corporate worship, and some that may establish new traditions in the home. Lighting of an Advent Wreath, Blessing of a Nativity Scene, Chalking the Door for Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Days of Holy Week, Easter Eve and All Saints Day. As this book is being prepared, (April and May of 2020) we are being made painfully aware of the need for worship materials in the home.

Christian Prayer: Sampler includes the Preface, Table of Contents, Morning and Evening Prayers, the first page of Prayers Derived from the Lord’s Prayer, and the sources. Download here: Christian Prayer – Sampler

Available now in paperback and for Kindle through 

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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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