Sarum Kyrie eleison. No. 9.

IX. Kyrie, Orbis Factor

Maker of the world, King eternal, have mercy on us.

Fount of boundless pity, have mercy on us.

Drive away from us all that is harmful, have mercy on us.

Christ, the Light of the world, giver of life, have mercy on us.

Look on those wounded by the craft of the devil; have mercy on us.

You preserve those who believe on you, and you strengthen them, have mercy on us.

Your Father, you, and the Spirit proceeding from both, have mercy on us.

We know you to be one God, and three persons, have mercy on us.

Be present with us, O Counselor, that we may live in you, have mercy on us.

Source: The Sarum Missal in English, Part II, Alcuin Club Collections, No. XI

Original in Latin:

Orbis factor rex eterne eleyson.

Pietatis fons immense eleyson.

Noxas omnes nostras pelle eleyson.

Christe qui lux es mundi dator vite eleyson.

Arte lesos demonis intuere eleyson.

Conservans te credentes confirmansque eleyson.

Patrem tuum teque flamen utrorumque eleyson.

Deum scimus unum atque trinum esse eleyson.

Clemens nobis assis Paraclite ut vivamus in te eleyson.


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