Sarum Kyrie eleison. No. 3.

III. Kyrie, Fons Bonitatis
On the Epiphany, Whitsun (Pentecost) Day especially.

O Lord, fountain of goodness, Father unbegotten, from whom all good things come, have mercy on us.

O Lord, you sent your Son to suffer for the sins of the world that he might save it, have mercy on us.

O Lord, you bestow the sevenfold gifts of the Spirit, by whom heaven and earth are filled, have mercy on us.

O Christ, the only-begotten of God the Father, whom the holy prophets wondrously foretold to be born into the world of a virgin, have mercy on us.

O holy Christ, Lord of heaven, theme of glorious song, before whom the highest angels ever stand, chanting the praise of your divinity, have mercy on us.

O Christ, from heaven accept our prayers. We devoutly and humbly worship you on earth, calling to you, gentle Jesus, have mercy on us.

O Lord, gracious Spirit, in union with the Father and the Son, consisting of one nature, proceeding from both, have mercy on us.

O Lord, who appeared in the form of a dove when Christ was baptized in the water of Jordan, have mercy on us.

O Lord, fire divine, kindle our hearts that we may proclaim you, have mercy on us. 

Source: The Sarum Missal in English, Part II, Alcuin Club Collections, No. XI

Original in Latin:

Kyrie, fons bonitatis, Pater ingenite a quo bona cuncta procedunt, eleison.
Kyrie, qui pati natum mundi pro crimine, ipsum ut salvaret, misisti, eleison.
Kyrie, qui septiformis dans dona pneumatis, a quo cælum, terra replentur, eleison.

Christe, unice Dei Patris genite, quem de Virgine nasciturum mundo mirifice sancti predixerunt prophetæ, eleison.
Christe hagie, cæli compos regiæ, melos gloriæ cui semper astans pro numine angelorum decantat apex, eleison.
Christe cælitus, adsis nostris precibus, pronis mentibus quem in terris devote colimus, ad te pie Iesu clamamus, eleison.

Kyrie, spiritus alme, cohærens Patri natoque, unius usiæ consistendo, flans ab utroque, eleison.
Kyrie, qui baptizato in Iordanis unda Christo, effulgens specie columbina apparuisti, eleison.
Kyrie, ignis divine, pectora nostra succende, ut digni pariter decantare possimus semper, eleison.


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