Prayers of the Early Church and Prayers of the Middle Ages

We have just completed uploading the prayers of two books, Prayers of the Early Church and Prayers of the Middle Ages, both edited by J. Manning Potts. Both are in the public domain.

At Christian Classics Ethereal Library, the books can be viewed online, or can be downloadable in different ebook formats such as plain text or THML/XML.

In Prayers of the Early Church, Potts lists no sources, but only mentions,
“The prayers have been collected from many old books of prayers and devotional materials.” Bright’s Ancient Collects seems to have been one of his sources.

In Prayers of the Middle Ages: Light from a Thousand Years, Potts does list sources:

Some of the books which have been most valuable are Prayers of the Ages, compiled by Caroline S. Whitmarsh; Of the Imitation of Christ; Great Souls at Prayer, arranged by Mrs. Mary W. Tileston; The Cloud of Witness, by Hon. Mrs. Gell; Prayers, from the collection of the late Baron Bunsen; A Chain of Prayer Across the Ages, compiled by Selina Fitzherbert Fox; Prayers We Love to Pray, arranged by Edward Leigh Pell; Morning Readings, compiled by Frank M. Rich; Prayers of the Saints, by Cecil Headlam; Prayers Ancient and Modern, compiled by Mary Wilder Tileston; Ancient Collects, by Rev. William Bright; Prayers, Massachusetts Council of the Church Service League; Theologia GermanicaThe Cloud of UnknowingHis Words of Admonition and Praises of God, by St. Francis of Assisi; Common Prayers for Family Use, by Westcott.”

In A Collection of Prayers, these two books are given their own ‘categories,’ and can be viewed at the links below:

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