Mozarabic Christmas Prayer and Acclamation

Glory to you always,
highest Father and Lord.
Today you sent from the heavens
our Lord Jesus Christ
as our Savior,
whom you foretold
by ancient prophets,
and now have revealed him
as the son of the virgin Mary.

Today, lying in the manger,
is the bread of eternal life,
and a great light
shines on nations
who walked in darkness.

Today the peace for the nations
comes down from heaven,
and the gift of eternity
is granted to us all.

Today the divine treasury
is opened up for us,
and the light of the Holy Spirit
shines upon all.

Now the true light
comes into the world.
He restores sight to the blind
and health to the paralyzed
and strength to  the infirm
and firmness to the weak.

Today the true resurrection
of the dead is brought forth,
the way, the truth
and the life of the living.

Therefore we pray, true Trinity, our God,
that as you share with us
the joys of your nativity,
you would also lead us
to live lives to your glory
by this yearly devotion.
So that after this life in the flesh
we may join with all the saints
in the glorious fatherland of the heavens;
through your mercy, our God,
you are blessed
and live and rule all things
now and forever.

Source: Freely translated from the Mozarabic Rite, from a document at the University of St. Thomas.

Original in Latin:

Tibi semper gloria, summe Pater ac Domine, qui hodie e caelis Dominum nostrum Iesum Christum nobis salvatorem mittere dignatus es, quem prophetorum olim vaticiniis intonasti, et nunc ex Maria Virgine natum manifestasti.

Hodie nobis est in praesepio positus, perpetuae vitae panis, et lux magna reddita est terris. 

Hodie pax civium est prolata supernorum, et nobis omnibus conceditur perpetuitatis donum. 

Hodie divinus est nobis reseratus thesaurus, et lux reddita est omnibus, quem prodiit Spiritus Sanctus.

Nunc verum lumen apparuit mundo, qui medicus est caecorum, et sanitas paraliticorum, atque infirmantium virtus, et debilium firmamentum.

Hodie vera est prolata resurrectio mortuorum, via, veritas et vita viventium.

Quaesumus igitur, vera Trinitas, Deus noster, ut qui nos fecisti nativitatis tuae suscipere gaudia, facias, quoque annua devotione immaculatam habere vitam.  Ut post carnae claustra mereamur adunari cum omnibus sanctis in caelorum patria gloriosa.

R. Amen.

Mozarabic, ad.

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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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