You Know My Weakness

O God,
you know my weakness.
I am poor and destitute.
I cannot do or think anything good without you.
Help and strengthen me with your grace,
that I may resolve
not only to avoid the evil you forbid,
but also to do the good you command. Amen.

Source: The Irish Handbook of the Holy League, called the Apostleship of Prayer, Dublin, 1890, p. 56

Original in traditional English:

Thou knowest, O God, my weakness; that I am poor and destitute; that I cannot do, nor even think of any good without Thee; arise, then, up to help me; strengthen me with Thy grace, that I may fervently execute what I have firmly resolved, and not only avoid all the evil Thou forbiddest, but also perform all the good Thou commandest. Amen.

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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

One thought on “You Know My Weakness”

  1. Hi, my name is Ryan; and, I’ve reposted one or two of your prayers on my site in the past (I follow this feed fairly regularly). But, today I just noticed you were from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, only thirty minutes or so from Rio, where I currently reside. Anyways, I’m always encouraged to read these. Thanks for you diligence in posting.


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