You Are the King of kings, and Lord of Lords

God, my almighty God, I humbly worship you.
You are the King of kings, and Lord of lords.
You are the judge of every age.
You are the Redeemer of our souls.
You are the Liberator of those who believe.
You are the Hope of those who labor.
You are the Comforter of the sad.
You are the Way for the straying.
You are the Teacher of the nations.
You are the Creator of all creatures.
You are the Lover of all that is good.
You are the Prince of all virtue.
You are the Joy of your saints.
You are Life everlasting.
You are Joy in truth.
You are the joy of our eternal homeland.
You are Light from light.
You are the Fount of holiness.
You are the glory of God the Father in the highest.
You are the Savior of the world.
You are the Fullness of the Holy Spirit.
You are seated at the right hand of the Father, ruling on your throne forever.

Source: From a confession of sins in The Book of Cerne, 9th Century.

Source of this version: Translated for Prayers from the Ancient Celtic Church, © 2018, Paul C. Stratman

Deus deus meus omnipotens
Ego humiliter te adoro
Tu es rex regum et dominus dominantium
Tu es arbiter omnis saeculi
Tu es redemtor animarum
Tu es liberator credentium
Tu es spes laborantium
Tu es paracletus doleutium
Tu es uia errantium
Tu es magister gentium
Tu es creator omnium creaturarum
Tu es amator omnis boni
Tu es princeps omnium uirtutum
Tu es gaudium sanctorum tuorum
Tu es uita perpetua
Tu es laetitia in ueritate
Tu es exultatio in aeterna patria
Tu es lux lucis
Tu es fons sanctitatis
Tu es gloria dei patris in excelso
Tu es saluator mundi
Tu es plenitude spiritus sancti
Tu sedis  ad dexteram dei patris in throno regnas in saecula

Source: The prayer book of Aedeluald the bishop, commonly called the Book of Cerne, p. 95-96.



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