Three Swedish Communion Prayers

When the administration of the holy meal is finished, the pastor turns to the congregation and says:

Let us pray.

Turning to the altar, the pastor offers one of the following thanksgiving collects:

We thank you, almighty Father, through your Son, Jesus Christ you have instituted this holy supper for our comfort and salvation. Grant us grace to celebrate the remembrance of Jesus on earth, that we may also be partakers of the great communion in heaven.


We thank you, almighty God, that through this precious meal of grace you have refreshed and satisfied us. Use it to increase our faith and advance us in godliness and all Christlike virtues; through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord.


O Lord Jesus Christ, you have called us to this communion. We humbly thank you for your mercy, that you have fed us here with your body and blood and filled and embraced us with your goodness. O Lord, be near us! We commit ourselves into your hands and put our trust in you. Let us abide with you forever.

Source: Freely modified from The Swedish Rite: a translation of “Handbok för svenska kyrkan” by Eric Esskildsen Yelverton, 1921, The Service of High Mass, p. 32



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