An Expanded Lord’s Prayer


Let us heartily make our prayer to God the Father of all mercy, believing assuredly that he will graciously hear us through our Lord Jesus Christ, who commanded us to pray, and promised us saying, “Ask and ye shall have; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you.” Wherefore, in consideration of the same commandment and promise, lift up your hearts, and say thus with me in your prayer:

O Lord God, our Father in heaven, we thy miserable children upon earth beseech thee, that thou wilt mercifully look on us and lend us thy grace; that thy holy name may be sanctified among us and in all the world, through the sincere teaching of the Word, and through earnest charity in our daily living, and our conversation. Seclude thou graciously all false doctrine and evil living, whereby thy worthy name might be blasphemed and slandered.

Oh, let thy kingdom come, and be great. All sinful, blind people, and such as are holden captive of the devil in his kingdom, those bring thou to the knowledge of the true faith in Jesus Christ thy Son.

Strengthen us, Lord, with thy Spirit, to do and to suffer thy will both in life and death, in weal and woe; that our will may alway be broken, offered up, and mortified.

And give us our daily bread. Preserve us from covetous desire, and carefulness of the belly; that of thee we may be assured to have abundance of all good things.

Forgive us our trespass, as we forgive them which offend us; that our heart may have a sure and glad conscience, and that we never fear, nor be afraid for any sin.

Lead us not into temptation, but help us through thy Spirit to subdue the flesh, to despise the world with his vanities, and to overcome the devil with all his crafty assaults.

And finally, deliver thou us from all evil, both bodily and ghostly, temporal and eternal. Amen.

They that earnestly desire all this, let them say, “Amen!” believing without any doubt that it is granted and heard in heaven, according as Christ promised us, saying, “When ye pray, believe assuredly that ye shall have it, and it shall come to pass.” Amen.

Souce: Miles Coverdale

Souce of this version:

Coverdale was an early English Bible translator. His translation was heavily influenced by the German translation of Martin Luther.

Compare with Luther’s Lord’s Prayer paraphrase.

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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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