Prayer When a Storm Is Approaching

NOAA: 'Exact forecast track' of Dorian no longer matters ...

God, our refuge and strength,
help us in times of trouble.
When the earth dissolves
and the mountains tumble into the sea
and its waters roar and foam,
remind us of your might,
and your good and gracious will.
All creation is groaning
as it suffers the corruption of sin,
but you have promised
to make all things work together
for the good of those who love you.
Hear our prayer, “Deliver us from evil,”
and save your people from all disaster.
Give patience and endurance
to those who serve, help and rescue.
Calm the anxious.
Comfort those who suffer loss.
Turn thoughts from earthly to heavenly things,
that we look to you,
our only Savior and help.

Source: Written for A Collection of Prayers, August 31, 2019.

Prayer for Flood Victims, August 2018

Gracious Father, you sit above the highest heavens. Wind and weather are in your hands, and you work all things for the good of those who love you. We pray for those whose homes and communities have been damaged by the storms and flooding in the past week. Keep them safe. Provide for their needs. Move others to offer help and be channels of your blessings. We pray also for our WELS Christian Aid and Relief, that it may help those who have suffered losses and give witness of our love for Christ by reaching out to the needs of our neighbors. Calm all anxious thoughts with your promise that even in losses, nothing can separate your people from your love which is ours in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: Paul C. Stratman, 2018

“…the storms and flooding…” may be changed for some other natural disaster.

“…in the past week…” may be changed to fit any time frame.

“…our WELS Christian Aid and Relief” may be changed if there are other denominational or community organizations involved in recovery.