A Personal Litany

Lord Jesus Christ,
humble, gentle and loving Savior,
help me resist temptations of pride,
help me see the needs of others,
help me to be a servant,
help me to reflect your love,
help me to speak your truth in love,
help me to think beyond the moment,
help me to trust your plan as it unfolded in the past,
help me to trust your plan as it stands in the present,
help me to trust your plan, and to have confidence in what you have in mind for the future,
help me to not be afraid,
help me to not be angry,
help me to not be selfish,
give me confidence in you,
give me the peace of your Spirit,
give me the power to love, serve and give
from the love, service and gifts you have given me.

Lamb of God, you have taken away the sin of the world.
King of kings, you sit at your Father’s right hand, ruling all things.
Mighty God, you rule over all things for the good of your Church.

Tender Savior, you have promised to be with us, with me, always.

Have mercy.
Strengthen my faith.
Grant me peace.

Source: 2019 Paul C. Stratman