May Your Grace Move Our Love

O sweet Savior Christ,
in your undeserved love for us
you were prepared to suffer the painful death of the cross:
let me not be cold or even lukewarm in my love for you.

Lord help me to face the truth about myself.
Help me to hear my words as others hear them,
to see my face as others see me;
Let me be honest enough to recognize my impatience and conceit;

Let me recognize my anger and selfishness;
Give me sufficient humility to accept my own weakness for what they are.
Give me the grace – at least in your presence – to say. ‘I was wrong – forgive me.’

God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
increase in us faith and truth and gentleness
and grant us part and lot among the saints.

Source: Polycarp

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This prayer has some overlap with “May Christ Build You Up.”

You Have Healed Our Wounds

antifonariodelec3b3n1You have healed our wounds, O Lord,
by the wounds of your only Son.
What then should we do
since we have been bought at so great a price?
How shall we serve such a Lord,
who has promised such liberty
and has offered such an inheritance to us?
Work in us, O Lord, what pleases you.
Possess us so that we may possess you.
We will not perish,
you will let us live,
and we will call upon your name.

Source: Mozarabic Rite

Source of this version: Freely modified from Ancient Collects, and Other Prayers, ed. William Bright, 1902, p. 72 #3

“You have healed our wounds” is a reference to Isaiah 53:5

“What then should we do… How shall we serve” may be a reference to Psalm 116:12

“bought at so great a price” is a reference to 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

“We will not perish” is a reference to Psalm 118:17

“We will not perish” in the original is “We will not go back from you.” Changed to “We will not perish” to broaden the reference to psalm 118.

Graphic: Mozarabic manuscript from the Cathedral of Leon, from Wikimedia Commons.


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