Glorified by Angels and Saints

O most glorious and exalted Lord,
you are glorified in the heights above
by servants of fire and spirit in most holy fashion,
yet in your love you wished to be glorified
by humanity on earth as well,
so that you might exalt our mortal race
and make us like supernal beings
and brothers in your dominion.
Free us, Lord, in your compassion
from whatever cares hinder the worship of you,
and teach us to seek the kingdom and its righteousness
in accordance with your holy commandments that bring freedom;
and bring us at last to your heavenly kingdom
along with all the saints in your glory,
where we will sing your praises.

Source:  Maronite Shehimto, Syrian Orthodox Daily Office Book

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Original reads:

“…in accordance with your holy commandments that bring life; and may we become worthy of that kingdom along with all the saints who have done your will, and may we sing your praises.”

Alteration was made to be in line with Galatians 3:21James 1:25 and Revelation 7:14

“Servants of fire and spirit” is a reference to Psalm 104:4

Shelter Us under Your Divine Wings

O Holy Father, guard us by your sacred name,
O Son of God, our Savior, protect us with your victorious cross.
O Holy Spirit, make us worthy temples of your holy habitation.
O Lord, our God forever shelter us under your divine wings, at all times, forever. Amen.

Source: Syrian Orthodox Church

Source of this version:

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This prayer is called Shudhamulla Bava and is used as a closing prayer and blessing in the evening prayer service.

“Guard us by your sacred name” may be a reference to Psalm 54:1

“Temples of your holy habitation” is a reference to 1 Corinthians 6:19

“Shelter us under your divine wings” is a reference to Psalm 17:8