Restore Us to Your Right Path

veit-dietrichLord God, heavenly Father,
we all like sheep have gone astray.
We let ourselves be led away from the right path
by Satan and our own sinful flesh:
Graciously forgive us all our sins
for the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ;
and quicken our hearts by your Holy Spirit,
that we may remain in your Word,
and in true repentance and a steadfast faith
continue in your Church to the end,
and obtain eternal salvation;
through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever.

Source: Veit Dietrich, d. 1549, Trinity 3

Source of this version: The Collects of Veit Dietrich in Contemporary English © 2016 Paul C. Stratman

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Shepherd, Watch While We Sleep

wilhelm_loeheBeloved Shepherd of our souls and bodies,
you never slumber nor sleep.
Spread your holy protection over us
and cover us with your mighty wings,
that no terrors of the night may disturb us,
and let your divine majesty
watch over our minds while we sleep;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: Wilhelm Löhe. Freely adapted from Seed Grains of Prayer, A Manual for Evangelical Christians, Wartburg Press, Chicago, 1914, #54

Also found here:  A Minister’s Prayer Book © 1986 Fortress Press, Philadelphia



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Guide Us by Your Holy Spirit


Lord God, heavenly Father,
keep us in your grace and guard us in all temptations,
that by the guidance of your Holy Spirit
we may live according to your will
and be comforted in every need by your goodness,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: Veit Dietrich, 1506-1549

Source of this version: Freely paraphrased from several sources.

Also found here: A Lutheran Prayer Book, ed. Doberstein, © 1960 Muehlenberg Press, Philadelphia



A Communion Prayer


O Lord God, heavenly Father,
we praise and thank you for your grace
that through your Son Jesus Christ
you established this supper
in which we eat his body and drink his blood.
By your Holy Spirit, help us
to use this gift worthily,
to confess and forsake our sins,
to confidently believe that we are forgiven through Christ,
and to grow in faith and love day by day
until we come at last to the joy of eternal salvation,
through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord.

Source: Veit Dietrich, 1506-1549

Source of this version: Freely paraphrased from

Also found here: A Lutheran Prayer Book, ed. Doberstein, © 1960 Muehlenberg Press, Philadelphia



Give Us True Judgment

Grant to us, O Lord,
to know that which is worth knowing,
to love that which is worth loving,
to praise whatever pleases you most,
to esteem whatever is most precious to you,
and to dislike whatever is evil in your eyes.
Do not let us judge merely by what we see with our eyes,
nor to decide based on what we hear from ignorant men,
but to discern with true judgment between things visible and spiritual,
and above all to search out and to do what is well pleasing to you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Source: Thomas à Kempis

Source of this version: The following versions were compared and combined:

In “discern with true judgment,” Thomas may be referencing John 7:24.

Comfort and Relieve

God of love, whose compassion never fails;
we bring before you the griefs and perils of peoples and nations;
the necessities of the homeless;
the helplessness of the aged and weak;
the sighings of prisoners;
the pains of the sick and injured;
the sorrow of the bereaved.
Comfort and relieve them, O merciful Father,
according to their needs;
for the sake of your Son,
our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Source: Anselm of Canterbury, d. 1109

Source of this version:

Also found here: The Catholic Prayer Book, © 1986 Servant Books, Cincinnati OH

Help Us Recognize Your Voice

O God in heaven, have mercy on us!
Lord Jesus Christ, intercede for your people,
deliver us at the opportune time,
preserve in us the true genuine Christian faith,
collect your scattered sheep with your voice,
your divine Word as Holy Writ calls it.
Help us to recognize your voice,
help us not to be allured by the madness of the world,
so that we may never fall away from you,
O Lord Jesus Christ.

Source: Albrecht Dürer

Source of this version:

Also found here: The One Year Book of Personal Prayer, © 1991 Tyndale House Publishers (July 10)

The Voyage of Life


Blessed are your saints, O God and King,
who have traveled over the tempestuous sea of this mortal life,
and have made the harbor of peace and happiness.

Watch over us who are still in our dangerous voyage;
and remember such as lie exposed to the rough storms of trouble and temptations.
Frail is our vessel, and the ocean is wide;
but as in your mercy you have set our course,
so steer the vessel of our life toward the everlasting shore of peace,
and bring us at last to the quiet haven of our heart’s desire,
where you, O our God, are blessed,
and live and reign for ever and ever.

Source: St. Augustine of Hippo, 354-430

Source of this version: Modified from

Also found here: The One Year Book of Personal Prayer, © 1991 Tyndale House Publishers (June 22)

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A Prayer for Unity

God the Father,
source of Divinity,
good beyond all that is good,
fair beyond all that is fair,
in you is calmness, peace and unity.
Repair the things that divide us from each other
and restore our unity of love
like your divine love.
And as you are above all things,
unite us in goodness and love
that we may be spiritually one,
with you and with each other,
through your peace which makes all things peaceful
and through the grace, mercy, and tenderness
of your only Son., Jesus Christ. Amen.

Source: Dionysius of the Syrian Jacobite Church, 9th Century

Source of this version: Freely modified from Prayers of the Middle Ages, edited by J. Manning Potts, 1954. (New Ancient Collects, #264)



Shine into Our Hearts

Almighty and merciful God,
Fountain of all goodness,
you know the thoughts of our hearts.
We confess that we have sinned against you
and done evil in your sight.
Wash us from the stains of our past sins,
and give us grace and power to put away all hurtful things.
Deliver us from the bondage of sin,
that we may bring forth worthy fruits of repentance.

O eternal Light, shine into our hearts.
O eternal Goodness, deliver us from evil.
O eternal Power, be our support.
Eternal Wisdom, scatter the darkness of our ignorance.
Eternal Pity, have mercy on us.
Grant that with all our hearts, and minds, and strength,
we may always seek your face.
In your infinite mercy, bring us into your holy presence.
Strengthen our weakness
that we follow in the footsteps of your blessed Son,
obtain your mercy,
and enter your promised joy. Amen.

Source: Alcuin of York, d. 735

Source of this version: Freely modified from Prayers of the Middle Ages, edited by J. Manning Potts, 1954.