To God Be Glory

To God be glory,
to the angels honor,
to Satan confusion,
to the cross reverence,
to the church exaltation,
to the departed quickening,
to the penitent acceptance,
to the prisoners release,
to the sick and infirm,
recovery and healing,
and to the four quarters of the world
great peace and tranquility.
And also on us who are weak and sinful
may the compassion and mercies of our adorable God come,
and may they overshadow us, and be poured forth,
and remain firm and reign continually.
Christ + the hope of our nature,
now and at all times,
and forever and ever. Amen.

Source: East Syrian Church, Monday Vespers

Source of this version: East Syrian Daily Officetranslated and edited by Arthur John Maclean, Rivingtom, Percival & Co., London, 1894, p. 20

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