May We Never Be Forsaken

A Collection of Prayers

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O Christ our Lord,
from your cross
you cried out
as one forsaken by the Father,
and by your death
you redeemed humanity
which was lost through sin.
We humbly pray,
that we may truly believe
that we will never be forsaken by you,
and that our trust
in your eternal power and Godhead
may always be steadfast.
Graciously hear our prayers,
and make us to serve you always
according to your good will and pleasure.

Source: Mozarabic. Freely modified from The Revised Prayer-Book of the Reformed Spanish Church, 1889

This version is modified to clarify doctrine. The English translation in the source read:

O Christ our Lord, from Whose cross went up a cry as of one forsaken by the Father, and Who by Thy death didst redeem mankind which was lost through sin; we humbly supplicate Thy mercy, that we who believe may never be forsaken by…

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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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