For Divine Help and Protection

A Collection of Prayers

You are our helper, Mighty One.
and you are no respecter of persons.
Help all your people
bought with the precious blood of Christ.

You are our fortress and defender.
No one can snatch us from your hand.
There is no other God like you.
In you we trust.

Sanctify us through your truth.
Your Word is truth.

Preserve us
and all your people
from injury and deceit,
from fear of the enemy,
from the arrow that flies by day,
and the trouble that walks in the darkness,
and grant us eternal life
in Christ, your Son, our Lord and Savior.

Source: Liturgy of the Greek Church.
Source of this version: Service and Prayers for Church and Home edited by Wilbur Patterson Thirkield, 1918

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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

2 thoughts on “For Divine Help and Protection”

  1. Can i get more details about how to deal with the demonic that are interfeing with my spiritual battle reaching my calling to preach and help people fight these hard times and how i can cope with these forces that have a advantage over me i dont want to lose im a battle rigbt now


  2. In the Collection of Prayers database, prayers for spiritual battles are tagged with the word “deliverance” Remember who Jesus is–Savior, (“to you is born this day… a Savior which is Christ the Lord”). That means “deliverer.” “Someone who gets you out of what you can’t get yourself out of.” And remember his parting promises to his disciples. “All power in heaven and earth is given to me.” …and… “Surely I am with you always to the end of the age.” The power with you is greater than the powers against you (Romans 8: 31). If possible, find a trustworthy Christian friend for support. You are not alone in these battles.


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