Prayer of Thanks (Antiochan, 4)

How sweet for those whose thoughts dwell on you. How life-giving is your holy Word. To speak with you is more soothing than anointing with oil, sweeter than the honeycomb. To pray to you lifts the spirit and refreshes the soul. Where you are not, there is only emptiness; hearts are smitten with sadness; nature, and life itself, become sorrowful; where you are, the soul is filled with abundance, and its song resounds like a torrent of life: Alleluia!


When the sun is setting, when quietness falls like the peace of eternal sleep, and the silence of the spent day reigns, then in the splendor of its declining rays, filtering through the clouds, I see your heavens: fiery and purple, gold and blue, they declare the unspeakable beauty of your presence, and call to us in their majesty. We turn to the Father:

Glory to you at the hushed hour of nightfall.

Glory to you , covering the earth with peace.

Glory to you for the last ray of the sun as it sets.

Glory to you for sleep’s repose that restores us.

Glory to you for your goodness even in the time of darkness when all the world is hidden from our eyes.

Glory to you for the prayers offered by a trembling soul.

Glory to you for the pledge of our reawakening on that glorious last day, that day which has no evening.

Glory to you, O God, forever and ever!
Glory to you, O God, forever and ever!

Source: Akathist Hymn, Kontakion 4, Antiochian Orthodox

Source of this version: Modified from


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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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