Happy Birthday, A Collection of Prayers

ACOPhits.pngOn June 18, 2016, I began a prayer blog and uploaded “Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest” as the first entry. My goal was to make a collection of prayers similar to one of my favorite books, The Oxford Book of Prayer, and to make the prayers easily readable, readily usable, and easily searchable.

I began the project because other people were asking me to direct them to prayer and liturgy resources, and I wanted to study the history of Christian corporate prayer to improve and expand my own knowledge and skill in prayer and prayer writing.

King David described receiving God’s blessings as having an overflowing cup. It’s been a blessing to me in collecting and editing. I pray that it has also been a blessing to those who read and use the prayers. The map above shows the origins of “clicks” on A Collection of Prayers. 

This last year, I completed revision and posting of Potts’ Prayers of the Early Church and Prayers of the Middle Ages, which has expanded this collection of classic prayers.

What’s next? I’ve got a couple book projects in works and planning. For the website, I’m always looking for meaningful prayers in the public domain that can be “freely modified.”

Blessings to those who read and to those who hear!

Paul C. Stratman


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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

One thought on “Happy Birthday, A Collection of Prayers”

  1. Rev. Stratman,
    Thanks for your labors in this. I appreciate the variety of prayers you have offered as we recognize that the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is not limited to culture, language, borders, or even centuries. May your work continue to be a blessing for the Church today.
    I have taken the liberty to link a few of the prayers you have posted to my blog — http://www.LutheranSubject.blogspot.com
    Pax, Rev. Thomas E. Schroeder
    Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church
    Novi, Michigan

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