Sarum Kyrie eleison. No. 4

IV. Kyrie omnipotens pater ingenite

Lord, almighty Father, unbegotten, have mercy on us.

Lord, by your own Son you redeemed the work of your hands, have mercy on us.

Lord, Adonai, blot out our sins,  have mercy on us.

Christ, brightness of the glory of the Father, and the express image of his person, have mercy on us.

Christ, by command of the Father, you saved the world, have mercy on us.

Christ, salvation of all and the eternal life of the angels, have mercy on us.

Lord, the Spirit, the Counselor, bestower of pardon, have mercy on us.

Lord, fountain of mercy and of sevenfold grace, have mercy on us.

Lord, most merciful forgiver, proceeding from both the Father, and the Son,  have mercy on us.

Most bountiful giver of gifts, teacher, quickener, compassionate, have mercy on us.

Source: The Sarum Missal in English, Part II, Alcuin Club Collections, No. XI

Original in Latin:

Kyrie omnipotens pater ingenite nobis miseris eleyson.
Kyrie qui proprio plasma tuum filio redemisti eleyson.
Kyrrie adonay nostra dele crimina plebique tue eleyson.
Christe splendor glorie patrisque figura substancie eleyson.
Christe patris qui mundum precepto saluasti nobis eleyson .
Christe salus hominum uitaque eterna angelorum eleyson .
Kyrrie spiritus paraclite largitor uenie nobis eleyson.
Kyrrie fons misericordie septiformis gracie eleyson.
Kirrye indultor piissime procedens ab utroque.
Carismatum dator largissime doctor uiuifice clemens eleyson. eleyson.


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