Sarum Kyrie eleison. No. 1.

I. On all principal Feasts.

O God, the Creator of all things, our God, in your pity, have mercy on us.

To you, O Christ, King of kings, rejoicing in praise together, we pray, have mercy on us.

To you belongs praise, virtue, peace, and dominion forever and ever, have mercy on us.

O Christ, our only king, co-eternal Son of the gracious Father, have mercy on us.

You saved lost humanity, restoring all from death to life, have mercy on us.

Jesus, good Shepherd, so the sheep of your pasture will not perish, have mercy on us.

O Spirit, Comforter, we your people pray, have mercy on us.

O Lord, our strength and our eternal salvation, have mercy on us.

Supreme and one God, mercifully grant us the gifts of life, and in your kindness, have mercy on us.

Source: The Sarum Missal in English, Part II, Alcuin Club Collections, No. XI,11th-15th centuries



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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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