The Litany of the Trinity (Mugron)

The first lines of Mugron’s Litany of the Trinity

Have mercy on us,
O God, Father almighty!
O God of hosts,
O God most high,
O Lord of the world,
O indescribable God,
O Creator of the elements,
O invisible God,
O untouchable God,
O unjudgeable God,
O immeasurable God,
O impatient God,
O immaculate God,
O immortal God,
O immoveable God,
O eternal God,
O perfect God,
O merciful God,
O admirable God,
O awesome God,
O golden good,
O Father in heaven,
have mercy on us!

Have mercy on us,
O almighty God,
O Jesus Christ,
O Son of living God!
O Son that was born twice,
O only-begotten of God the Father,
O first child of Mary the Virgin,
O Son of David,
O Son of Abraham,
O beginning of all,
O end of the world,
O Word of God,
O jewel of the heavenly kingdom,
O life of all,
О eternal truth,
О image, О likeness, О figure of God the Father,
О hand of God,
О arm of God,
О strength of God,
О right hand of God,
О true wisdom,
О true light that enlightens all darkness,
О guiding light,
О sun of truth,
О morning star,
О radiance of the Godhead,
О splendor of the eternal light,
О intelligence of the mystic world,
О mediator of all men,
О betrothed of the Church,
О faithful shepherd of the flock,
О expectation of the faithful,
О angel of the great counsel,
О true prophet,
О true apostle,
О true teacher,
О high priest,
О master,
О Nazarene,
О fair-haired one,
О ever living satisfaction,
О tree of life,
О true vine,
О sprout of the root of Jesse,
О King of Israel,
О Savior,
О door of the world,
О chosen flower of the plain,
О lily of the valleys,
О rock of strength,
О cornerstone,
О heavenly Zion,
О foundation of faith,
О innocent lamb,
О diadem,
О silent sheep,
О redeemer of humanity,
О true God,
О true man,
О lion,
О ox,
О eagle,
О crucified Christ,
О judge of Doom,
have mercy on us!

Have mercy on us,
О almighty God,
О Holy Spirit!
О Spirit that is nobler than all Spirits,
О finger of God,
О guard of the Christians,
О comforter of the sorrowful,
О gentle one,
О merciful intercessor,
О giver of true wisdom,
О author of Holy Scripture,
О ruler of speech,
О sevenfold Spirit,
О Spirit of wisdom,
О Spirit of understanding,
О Spirit of counsel,
О Spirit of strength,
О Spirit of knowledge,
О Spirit of gentleness,
О Spirit of awe,
О Spirit of charity,
О Spirit of grace,
О Spirit by whom all high things are ordained,
have mercy on us.

O Father, O Son, O Holy Spirit, have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us, eternal God,
O God in heaven, have mercy on us.
Have mercy on us, O glorious God,
Trinity glorious, ruling the circle of the earth.
O God, to your name be honor and praise,
now and forever. Amen.

May the almighty God be magnified in all the earth.

Source: Litany of the Trinity by Mugron, d. 980-981.

Source of this version: Kuno Meyer in Hibernica Minora, 1894, p. 43-44

Included in Prayers from the Ancient Celtic Church, © 2018, Paul C. Stratman

Prayers from the Ancient Celtic Church is a collection of prayers from the time of Patrick (d. ca. 460-493) to the Synod of Whitby (664), and also from the Celtic Christian tradition that remained after Whitby. A few of the prayers in this book may be familiar from their appearance in other prayer books. Some may be appearing in English for the first time. All prayers (with one exception) are rendered or revised into contemporary English with the hopes that they will be useful in private and corporate worship. Includes prayers from The Antiphonary of Bangor, The Lorrha-Stowe Missal, The Book of Cerne, The Book of Dimma, St. Patrick, St. Columba and many other sources.  Prayers from the Ancient Celtic Church is available in paperback through It is also available for Amazon Kindle.

Original in old Irish:

Mugrón, comarba Coluim cille, hec uerba composuit de Trinitate.

Airchis dín, a Dé Athair uili-cumachtaig,
A Dé na slóg,
A Dé uasail,
A thigerna in domuin,
A Dé díaisneithe,
A duilemuin na ndúl,
A Dé nem-aicside,
A Dé nem-chorpdai,
A Dé nem-mitte,
A Dé nem-toimside,
A Dé nem-foiditnich,
A Dé nem-thruailnide,
A Dé nem-marbdai,
A Dé nem-chumscaigthe,
A Dé shuthain,
A Dé foirpthe,
A Dé trocair,
A Dé adhamraigthe,
A Dé aduathmair,
[A De in talman,
A De na teined,
A De na nusqui nexamail,
A Dhe ind aeoir [fh]uasnadaigh & rethanaig,
A De na nil-berlada im chrunni in talman,
A Dé na tonn a thec imdomhain inn aiceoin,
A Dhe na nairdreannach, & na nuili rinn étrocht,
A Dhe, ro thebestar in maisi, ro thinns[c]nastar la & aidchi,
A De ro thigernastar ar ifern cona daoscor-sluag,
A Dé ro follamnaighes co narcainglib,]
A maith forordai,
A Athair nemdai fail i nimib,
Airchis din.

[Ad Christum hec uerba pertinent.]
Airchis dín, a Dé uili-chumachtaig, a Isu Crist, a meic Dé bi,
A meic ro genair fo di,
A oen-geinne Dé Athar,
A prim-geinne Maire oige,
A meic Dauid
A meic Abraham
A thosach na nuili,
A forcend an domuin,
A Briathar Dé,
A shét na flatha némdai,
A betha na nuili,
A fírinne tshuthain,
A immhaigin, a chosmailes, a dealb Dé Athar,
A lám Dé,
A dóit Dé,
A nert Dé,
A deis Dé,
A fhir-ecnai,
A fhir-shoillsi cena soillsiges cech ndorchai,
A sholus taircedaig,
A grian na fírinde,
A rétla matindai,
A delrad na deachta,
A thaitnem na soillsi suthaine,
[A thopur in bethad bith-buain,]
A thuicsi an betha rundai,
A etirsidaigthe na nuile duine,
A thairngertaig na hecailse,
A oegaire tairise an treoid,
A frescisiu na niresech,
A aingil na comairli móire,
A fhir-faith,
A fhir-abstail,
A fhir-forcetlaid,
A uasal-shacairt,
A Maigistir,
A Nasarda,
A glan-mongaich,
A shasad bith-béo,
A bile an betha[d],
[A fhir-nem],
A fhir-fhinemain,
A flesc do freim Iesse,
A rí Israel,
A shlainicid,
A dorus an betha[d]
A blath togaide in maige,
A lil na nglenn,
A ail na sonairte,
A cloch uillech,
A Sion nemdai,
A fotha na hirse,
A uain ennaic,
A mind,
A choera cennais,
A thathchrithid in chiniud[a] daon[d]a,
A fír-De,
A fhír-duine,
A leo,
A oc-daim,
A aquil,
A Christ crochdai,
A brithem bratha,
Airchis dín.

[Hec uerba ad Spiritum Sanctum pertinent.]
Airchis dín a Dé uile-cumachtaig, a Spirut Noib,
A Spirut as uaisle cech spirut.
A mér Dé,
A coimed na cristaide,
A comdidantaid na toirsech,
A choen-suaraich,
A etar-guthid trocar,
A thi[d]nachtaid ind fír-ecnai,
A auctair na scribture noibe,
A airrechtaid na érlabrai,
A Spirut secht-dealbaig,
A Spirut in ecnai,
A Spirut in inntlechtai,
A Spirut na comairle,
A Spirut na sonairte,
A Spirat ind fessa,
A Spirut na báide,
A Spirut ind uamain,
A Spirut na deirce,
A Spirut ind ratha,
A Spirut on ordnigther cech nuasal,
[A Spirut loisces na cinta,
A Spirut nighes na pectha,
A Spirut naomh fhollamnaighes na huile dule, aicsidhe & nem-fhaicsidhe,
Aircis dim,
A Dhe uili-cumachtaig, ind Athair nemdha, & a Meic aon-geine,
Aircis dim.
Aircis dim, a Athair, a Meic, a Spirut naom.

Aircis dim a De aonda,
A De do nim, aircis dim.
Aircis dim, a De o fuilid, tria fuilid folla[m]nugud na nuile dul det, a De.
Rot be onoir & inocbail in secula seculorum. Amen.

Omnipotens Deus magnificetur in uniuersa terra, et reliqua.]


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