Delightful It Is to Serve the King of Kings

Let me bless almighty God,
whose power extends over sea and land,
whose angels watch over all.
Let me study sacred books to calm my soul:

I pray for peace,
kneeling at heaven’s gates.
Let me do my daily work,
gathering seaweed, catching fish,
giving food to the poor.
Let me say my daily prayers,
sometimes chanting, sometimes quiet,
always thanking God.
Delightful it is to live
on a peaceful isle, in a quiet cell,
serving the King of kings.

Source: Attributed to St. Columba, 521-597.

Source of this version:

Included in Prayers from the Ancient Celtic Church, © 2018, Paul C. Stratman



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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

One thought on “Delightful It Is to Serve the King of Kings”

  1. Enjoying website. You may want:
    14c ‘A Devout Prayer Of The Passion’ ?John of Heyedon? found in R.T. Davies (1964) Mediaeval English Lyrics (I have it). My rework is in Google Drive only & starts: “Jesu, that hast me ‘ibought, Write thou spiritually in my thought, That, I may with devocion ‘Thinke on thy ‘dere Passion. For ‘thogh my ‘hert be hard as stone ‘Yit maist thou ‘gostly write ‘thereon With nail and with ‘spere ‘kene, And so shall the letters be ‘sene. +26 more paragraphs. I made my own mediaeval dictionary from translation notes but I don’t have lots of time as I am a night shift worker. Happy to get the Drive file to Pastor Stratman even if he just wants it for himself. I’m in Australia. I think your sites ‘What Need I Fear’ is a great deep prayer for working on our love of God. I also think ‘Christ I’, Advent Lyrics, that Rutgers Uni has up on www is powerful-poignant-praise. Bye from Aus.


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