Light in Darkness

O Lord,
with me there is always doubt.
With you there never is.
The darkness was long,
too long,
and it all came from within me–
from my doubts and fears,
from me, looking inward,
seeking self.
Your light was there,
guiding and correcting,
and pointing me to your Son,
his goodness,
and pure light.
shine in my heart,
with your most precious Light.
Send your holy Spirit
to turn on the light
when I hear
even the shortest
promises in your Word–
even when I hear
what I’ve heard
so many times before,
because that does not
make it any less precious,
but more precious.
Keep shining
and enlightening.
Restore to me the joy!

Source: Anonymous, 21st Century

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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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