Swedish Prayer at Evensong

We thank you, O Lord, heavenly Father,
for all the good things that we have this day received from you,
and more especially for your holy Word of salvation.
Bless, O God, with your Spirit
whatever has been sown in our hearts,
and grant that it may bear fruit for eternal life.
Keep your whole church under your gracious protection.
Grant that it may be built up in unity and strength
on Jesus Christ, its living foundation,
and deliver it from false doctrine and all other ill.
Protect and bless with your mighty hand our beloved king and all his house.
Prosper every good word and grant to all estates of men
to feel your help and blessing.
Bless the earth, that it may bring forth its fruit,
and give us after your great goodness whatever is needful to us temporally.
Remember, O God, all who are in sickness and distress,
and be their comfort and help.
Be with us every day and teach us rightly
to use our short and precious time of grace.
Preserve us in body and in soul through the coming night.
Into your hands we commend ourselves and all that we have.
Praised be your holy name.

Source: Freely modified from The Swedish Rite: a translation of “Handbok för svenska kyrkan” by Eric Esskildsen Yelverton, 1921, General Prayer at Evensong, p. 37-38

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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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