Feed My Soul, Quicken My Spirit

brooklyn_museum_-_the_communion_of_the_apostles_la_communion_des_apc3b4tres_-_james_tissotO blessed Lord Jesus Christ,
I thank you for your boundless love
for redeeming the human race
by your precious death.
You shed your blood also for me,
a poor sinner.
Feed my soul with your body,
and quicken my spirit with your blood,
that I may always grow in the knowledge of you,
in your fear and love, and in Christian conduct,
and may abide a true member of your body,
your holy Church.

Source: Augustine

Source of this version: Modified from Prayers from the collection of the late baron Bunsen, selected [from Versuch eines allgemeinen evangelischen Gesang – und Gebetbuchs] and tr. by C. Winkworth, 1871, p.181-182

Picture by James Tissot, public domain




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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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