With You Is Refreshment and Strength

220px-sandro_botticelli_050O Lord our God,
let us find hope under the shadow of your wings.
You will support us,
both when little,
and even to gray hairs.
When our strength is from you, it is strength.
When our own, it is weakness.
We return to you, O Lord,
that our weary souls may rise towards you,
leaning on the things which you have created,
and passing on to yourself,
since you have wonderfully made them;
for with you is refreshment and true strength. Amen.

Source: Augustine

Source of this version: Freely modified from Prayers Ancient and Modern
by Mary Wilder Tileston, Boston, Little Brown, 1914, p. 2 #1

Graphic by Sandro Botticeli from Wikipedia.com.




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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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