The Lighter of the Stars

CelticCapital17Behold the Lighter of the stars,
on the crests of the clouds,
and the singers of the sky,
praising him.

Coming down with acclaim,
from the Father above,
harp and lyre of song,
sounding to him.

Christ, refuge of my love,
why should not I raise your fame!
Angels and saints melodious
Singing to you.

Son of God and man,
of exceeding purity of beauty,
joy were it to me to be in the fields
of your riches.

O Christ, my beloved,
O Christ, of the Holy Blood,
by day and by night
I praise you.

Source: Unknown, Carmina Gadelica, Hymns and Incantations…, Vol. I, p. 45. English translation modified.

Graphic is from Carmina Gadelica, Hymns and Incantations…, Vol. I, p.44

“Son of God and man” in the original is “Son of the Mary of graces, of exceeding white purity of beauty.”



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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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