Direct Us in All Our Doings

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O Lord,
with your love
direct us in all our doings,
and always help us,
that in all our works begun, continued, and ended in you,
we may glorify your holy name;
and finally, by your mercy obtain eternal life;
through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: 1789 U. S. Book of Common Prayer, Prayer to be Used at Sea

Source of this version: Freely modified from The Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church, United Lutheran Church in America © 1918, #19

Original in traditional English:

PREVENT us, O Lord, in all our doings with thy most gracious favour, and further us with thy continual help, that in all our works begun, continued, and ended in thee, we may glorify thy holy Name, and finally, by thy mercy, obtain everlasting life; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

(Prevent as used in King James/Book of Common Prayer era English means go before or lead. That is the reason for our rendering of “direct.”)

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