With You There Is No Darkness

O God,
with you there is no darkness,
but the night shines like the day.
Keep and defend us and all your saints
in soul and body
during the coming night.
May we rest knowing your favor,
in the peace of a clear conscience,
in the hope of your blessing,
in faith in your providence,
in the love of your Spirit.

May we rise again
diligently carrying out our callings,
to do God’s work while it is day,
for the night comes when no one can work.
Whether we wake or sleep,
we live together with Christ.

Source of this version: A Book of Common Order of the Church of Scotland, 1896, p. 193 #4

“No darkness” may be a reference to 1 John 1:5


O God, with whom there is no darkness, but the night shines as the day: keep and defend us and all your children, we beseech you, throughout the coming night. Renew our hearts with your forgiveness and our bodies with untroubled sleep, that we may wake to use more faithfully your gift of life, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Source of this version: http://ourladyofloreto.org/bulletins_2014/Mar_16.pdf


“Work while it is day…” is  a reference to John 9:4

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