Feed and Nourish Our Bodies and Souls

wilhelm_loeheGracious Father,
you feed and nourish every creature.
Feed and nourish our bodies and souls.
Do not let us forget your benefits,
but strengthen us with your blessings
that we may glorify your name,
do good and honest work,
and live and move before you
in righteousness and innocence.

Source: Wilhelm Löhe. Freely adapted from Seed Grains of Prayer, A Manual for Evangelical Christians, Wartburg Press, Chicago, 1914 (#20)

Also found here: Morning and Evening Prayers for All Days of the Week  by Dr. John Habermann, Wartburg Publishing House, Chicago, 1918

“feed and nourish every living creature” is a reference to Psalm 145:15-16

“Do not let us forget…” is a reference to Psalm 103:2

“live and move” is a reference to Acts 17:28

Note: Both Seed Grains of Prayer…  and Morning and Evening Prayers… have the note after this prayer, “(1562.)”

Original in German:

O barmherziger Vater, Du speisest und ernährt alle Creaturen, speise und tränke auch uns leiblich und geistlich also, daß wir Deine Gaben nicht mißbrauchen, sondern durch sie zu Deiner Ehre, zu aller ehrlichen Arbeit und zu allem Guten gestärkt werden, fromm und unschuldig vor Dir zu wandeln und zu leben! Amen




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