Comfort and Relieve

God of love, whose compassion never fails;
we bring before you the griefs and perils of peoples and nations;
the necessities of the homeless;
the helplessness of the aged and weak;
the sighings of prisoners;
the pains of the sick and injured;
the sorrow of the bereaved.
Comfort and relieve them, O merciful Father,
according to their needs;
for the sake of your Son,
our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Source: Anselm of Canterbury, d. 1109

Source of this version:

Also found here: The Catholic Prayer Book, © 1986 Servant Books, Cincinnati OH

Prayer Reflecting on the Shooting at Umqua Community College in Oregon, October 2015

Father in heaven, day by day your people pray “Deliver us from evil.” It grieves us to see evil and violence. We are grieved once again by the shooting last week in Oregon.

  • We pray for those who live with anger—move them to seek help and move friends, family and others who sense that anger to help them.
  • We pray for those who were injured—speed the healing of wounds to body and mind.
  • We pray for the friends and families of those who were killed—draw them to yourself. Lead them to find comfort, hope, healing and peace in you.
  • We also pray that we may give faithful witness for the hope that we have, with gentleness and respect, that those around us may be led by us to you, and that they may be moved and enlightened by your gospel of peace.

…through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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