For Perfect Light

O holy and unspeakable, wonderful and mighty God, your power and wisdom have no end. Before you all powers tremble, at your glance the heavens and the earth flee away. You are Love, you are my Father, and I will love and worship you forever and ever! You have shown pity on me, and a … Continue reading For Perfect Light

For Light

O God of Light, Father of Life, Author of grace, Creator of worlds, Giver of Wisdom, Benefactor of our souls, Treasure of holiness, Teacher of pure prayers, you give the fainthearted who put their trust in you things into which angels long to look. O Sovereign Lord, you have brought us up from the depths … Continue reading For Light

For Light

O Lord, you are the Light, the Way, the Truth, the Life. In you there is no darkness, error, vanity, or death— the Light without which there is darkness, the Way without which there is wandering, the Truth without which there is error, the life without which there is Death. Lord, say, “Let there be … Continue reading For Light

Never Let Us Wander into Darkness

Jesus our Master, walk with us on the road as we yearn to reach the heavenly country, so that following your light, we may stay on the way of righteousness and never wander in the horrible darkness of this world’s night while you, the way, the truth, and the life, are shining within us. Source: … Continue reading Never Let Us Wander into Darkness

The Splendor of Eternal Light

May the Lord + Jesus Christ, who is the splendor of eternal Light, remove from your hearts the darkness of night. Amen. May he drive far from you the snares of the crafty enemy, and always give you his angel of light to guard you. Amen. That you may rise to your morning praises, kept … Continue reading The Splendor of Eternal Light

Scatter Our Darkness

Almighty God, you have put the sun in the heavens to scatter the night and restore morning to the world. Fill us with your mercy, enlighten us, and scatter all the darkness of our sins; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Source: Sarum Breviary, from, slightly modified. In traditional English: Almighty God, who has planted the … Continue reading Scatter Our Darkness

Walk as a Child of the Light

O my Lord Jesus, be my light! Enlighten my heart so that I walk as a child of the light, flee and shun the works of darkness, and serve you this whole day. Amen. Source: Nürnberger Handbuch, Translated for A Collection of Prayers. German source: Gebetbuch, enthaltend die sämtlichen Gebete und Seufzer Martin Luther’s, ….Evangelischer Bücher-Verein, 1866, #28. Original … Continue reading Walk as a Child of the Light

Enlighten Us and Give Us Our Sure Hope

O Lord, our Light and our Salvation, remove the darkness of sorrow and ignorance. Enlighten us with true wisdom, and give us our sure hope in you; with the Father and the Holy Spirit, we worship and glorify you, one God, now and forever. Amen. Source: Freely modified from Mozarabic Collects, ed. Rev. Chas. R. Hale, … Continue reading Enlighten Us and Give Us Our Sure Hope

Rites for the Lighting of an Advent Wreath

This set of rites for the lighting of an Advent wreath follows the thematic pattern used by many lectionaries for the Advent season: Readiness, Repentance, Rejoicing, and Christ Revealed in the Flesh. The third set of versicles in each rite emphasizes that it is Christ himself who makes his people ready by his Word and work. The rites are intended to … Continue reading Rites for the Lighting of an Advent Wreath