Like Your Only Son in Suffering and Glory

Lord God, heavenly Father, in your fatherly goodness you allow your children to come under your chastening rod here on earth that we may be like your only Son in suffering here and in glory hereafter. Comfort us in temptations and afflictions by your Holy Spirit that we may not fall into despair, but that … Continue reading Like Your Only Son in Suffering and Glory

Forgive Us Our Sins, that We May Praise and Glorify You

Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, you gave us your holy Word and have generously provided for all our bodily needs. We are unworthy of all these mercies and have rather deserved punishment. But forgive us our sins as you forgave Peter, and prosper and bless us in our different callings that by your … Continue reading Forgive Us Our Sins, that We May Praise and Glorify You

Hail, All Glorious Lord!

Hail, all glorious Lord, with holy mirth! May Church and chancel praise your good counsel, each chancel and church. All plains and mountains, and you three fountains– two above wind, and one above earth! May light and darkness bless you. Fine silk, green forest confess you. Thus did Abraham, father of faith, with joy possess … Continue reading Hail, All Glorious Lord!

Before Your Glorious Throne

Before the glorious throne of your majesty, O Lord, and the exalted throne of your honor and the awesome judgement seat of your burning love and the absolving altar which your command has established, and the place where your glory dwells, we, your people and the sheep of your fold, kneel with thousands of the cherubim singing Alleluia, and many … Continue reading Before Your Glorious Throne

For Your Praise and Glory and Love and Thanks

Dear Lord Christ, give us your Holy Spirit and gifts not for our own glory but for the service and edifying of all Christendom. This is the only reason, you give your Spirit, as St. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 12, “you give to each one according to your will,” that is, not for our … Continue reading For Your Praise and Glory and Love and Thanks

Gloria in Excelsis / Glory to God in the Highest

The Gloria in Excelsis is a song of praise used in the Divine Service. It’s origin is in the eastern or Greek churches where it was first used as a song of praise in daily morning prayer. In the western churches it is used as the song of praise at the beginning of the Divine … Continue reading Gloria in Excelsis / Glory to God in the Highest

Only for Your Glory

Dearest Lord God, give me your grace so that I rightly understand your Word, and more than that, that I also do what it says. O dearest Lord Jesus Christ, if my study is not to your glory alone, then do not let me understand even the smallest letter. Give me only as much understanding … Continue reading Only for Your Glory

To Your Glory I Call to You

Lord, it is your glory and worship that you should be praised, and that I should pray to you. Therefore, dearest Lord, do not look on my unworthiness, but on my need your help, for you are the only help for all sinners. Therefore, to your glory, I call to you. I will not refuse your … Continue reading To Your Glory I Call to You

Our Glorious Pentecost

Holy God, heavenly Father, we rejoice greatly in this our Pentecost, since it is far more glorious than the Pentecost of your ancient people, since the Holy Spirit is poured out over all people through Christ, so that we know God through the Gospel, and through the Holy Spirit we are sanctified and made faithful … Continue reading Our Glorious Pentecost