A Gallican Blessing

May God the Father bless us, who created all things in the beginning, May the + Son bless us, who for our salvation came down from his throne on high, May the Holy Spirit bless us, who rested as a dove on the Christ in Jordan. May  he sanctify us in the Trinity whose coming … Continue reading A Gallican Blessing

Featured Prayers: Prayers for Peace in Troubled Times

Collects for Peace The Collect for Peace (Gelasian) Evening Prayer, Armenian Augustine of Hippo (1) Augustine of Hippo (2) Clement of Rome Common Service Book (Lutheran) (1) Common Service Book (Lutheran) (2) George Dawson Dionysius Eastern Orthodox Church Gallican Gelasian (1) Gelasian (2) Gregorian Leonine (1) Leonine (2) Mozarabic (1) Mozarabic (2) Mozarabic (3) Mozarabic … Continue reading Featured Prayers: Prayers for Peace in Troubled Times

Featured Prayers: The Holy Trinity

Click here to scroll through all of our Trinity prayers. The Trisagion The Trisagion Main Collects for the Holy Trinity (Historic)  (Mozarabic)  (Veit Dietrich I)  (Veit Dietrich II) Acclamation Acclamation from The Antiphonary of Bangor Doxology by Johann Jacob Rambach Doxology (Colquhoun) Greek Orthodox Church, Festal Menion Sarum, Doxology Blessings Antiphonary of Bangor Augustine of Hippo Church … Continue reading Featured Prayers: The Holy Trinity

Featured Prayers: Lent

Scroll through all our Lenten prayers at this link: https://acollectionofprayers.com/tag/lent/ Prayers for Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday Collect (Mozarabic) Ash Wednesday Prayer (Stratman) Short Devotional Rite for Ash Wednesday Other Prayers and Collects for Lent Lenten Prayer of Ephrem the Syrian Purify, Instruct and Console (Gregorian) Collects for Lent Ash Wednesday (Historic) (Mozarabic) (Veit Dietrich) Invocavit, … Continue reading Featured Prayers: Lent

For Christian Graces

O Lord, give me purity of lips, a clean and innocent heart, and rightness of action. Give me humility, patience, abstinence, chastity, prudence, justice, courage and self-control. Give me the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and strength, the Spirit of knowledge and godliness, and of your fear. Always lead me to … Continue reading For Christian Graces

For a Friend Before a Journey

O God, you always bestow your mercy on those who love you, and are near those who serve you. Direct the way of your servant in your will. Protect and guide him, that he may walk without stumbling in the paths of righteousness, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Source: Gallican Sacramentary, 8th century Source of this version: … Continue reading For a Friend Before a Journey

For Illumination

O most merciful God, incline your loving ears to my prayers and enlighten my heart with the grace of the Holy Spirit, that I may worthily administer your sacraments, love you with an everlasting love, and be received to everlasting joys; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Source: Gallican Collect/York Missal, Eighth Century Source of this … Continue reading For Illumination

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A Prayer for Spiritual Blessings

Most high God, our loving Father, you are infinite in majesty. I humbly pray for your servant __________. Give him a pure mind, perfect love, sincerity in conduct, purity in heart, strength in action, courage in distress self-control in character. Hear his prayers and bless him. Protect him under the shadow of your wings, and … Continue reading A Prayer for Spiritual Blessings

Not with Gold, Not with Silver, but with Blood from the Side of the Savior

By the shedding of the Blood of Christ our Lord, peace has been established in heaven and earth. Truly precious is the Covenant of peace, which was made by the offering of that holy Blood! Not with gold, not with silver, not with gems or pearls, but with the blood that poured from the side … Continue reading Not with Gold, Not with Silver, but with Blood from the Side of the Savior