Enlighten Our Hearts by Your Word

Lord God, heavenly Father, you revealed your Son to the two disciples on the way to Emmaus.Enlighten our hearts also by your Word and by your Holy Spirit, that we may become established in the faith, hold fast to your Word, delight to speak it, and diligently meditate on it.As we follow the example of … Continue reading Enlighten Our Hearts by Your Word

Enlighten Our Darkened Hearts

Lord God, heavenly Father, you have graciously opened the eyes of the blind through your Son Christ Jesus, and have let us poor sinners see your light. Enlighten our darkened hearts so that we may rightly learn and know Christ your Son, who died on the cross for us, and was counted guilty of our … Continue reading Enlighten Our Darkened Hearts

Enlighten Our Eyes

Enlighten our eyes, O Lord, that our faith may be fixed upon you, and our souls may take counsel in the sweetness of your love, and your fear implant true penitence in our hearts; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Source: Mozarabic collect. Source of this version: Freely modified from Oremus, ed. Paul Zeller Strodach.

Enlighten Us

Lord God, heavenly Father, you prepared your Son to be our Savior, a light for the gentiles and the glory of Israel. We pray, enlighten our hearts that we may know your grace and fatherly will toward us in Christ, and through him be saved forever; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Source: Coburg Agenda, … Continue reading Enlighten Us

For Enlightenment

O our Lord and God, enlighten our meditations that we may hear and understand your life-giving and divine commands. Through your grace and mercy assure us of your love, hope, and salvation of soul and body, and we shall sing to you everlasting glory forever, O Lord of all. Amen. Source: Liturgy of the Blessed Apostles, … Continue reading For Enlightenment

Enlighten, Nourish, Open

Let the light of your face shine on us, O Lord, that your Word may go forth and give light and understanding to nourish the hearts of the simple. Set our desires on your commandments, so that we may receive with open heart the Spirit of wisdom and understanding. Source: Mozarabic, freely modified from  Ancient … Continue reading Enlighten, Nourish, Open

Enlightenment and Joy, Wisdom and Comfort, Rest and Peace

The Lord enlighten you through the teachings of Jesus Christ and strengthen you as you walk in his light. The Lord give you joy as he shows you his Fatherly mercies new every morning. The Lord give you wisdom in happiness, comfort in suffering, rest in death, and one day, the peace of eternal life. … Continue reading Enlightenment and Joy, Wisdom and Comfort, Rest and Peace

Enlighten and Teach Us by Your Spirit

Lord God, dearest Father, on this day you enlightened and taught the hearts of your believers through the Holy Spirit. Through this same Spirit, give us a right understanding, that we may always rejoice in his comfort and power; through our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the … Continue reading Enlighten and Teach Us by Your Spirit

Enlighten Us and Give Us Our Sure Hope

O Lord, our Light and our Salvation, remove the darkness of sorrow and ignorance. Enlighten us with true wisdom, and give us our sure hope in you; with the Father and the Holy Spirit, we worship and glorify you, one God, now and forever. Amen. Source: Freely modified from Mozarabic Collects, ed. Rev. Chas. R. Hale, … Continue reading Enlighten Us and Give Us Our Sure Hope