About the Mozarabic Rite

The People “Mozarabic” is really a term historians use for Christians who lived in Spain under Muslim or Arab rule. It literally means “among the Arabs.” The people never would have called themselves “Mozarabs.” The Rite The Mozarabic Rite (sometimes called the Visigothic, Hispanic or Andalusian Rite) had its beginnings in the seventh century with … Continue reading About the Mozarabic Rite

A Mozarabic Blessing (1)

May the rich blessing of the Lord attend us, and grant us all remission of sins. May the Lord graciously protect us from all evil and mercifully preserve and keep us in all good, and may he who created and redeemed us preserve us for himself unspotted to the end. Amen. Source: Mozarabic Psalter Source … Continue reading A Mozarabic Blessing (1)

The Splendor of Eternal Light

May the Lord + Jesus Christ, who is the splendor of eternal Light, remove from your hearts the darkness of night. Amen. May he drive far from you the snares of the crafty enemy, and always give you his angel of light to guard you. Amen. That you may rise to your morning praises, kept … Continue reading The Splendor of Eternal Light

Featured Prayers: The Holy Trinity

Click here to scroll through all of our Trinity prayers. The Trisagion The Trisagion Main Collects for the Holy Trinity (Historic)  (Mozarabic)  (Veit Dietrich I)  (Veit Dietrich II) Acclamation Acclamation from The Antiphonary of Bangor Doxology by Johann Jacob Rambach Doxology (Colquhoun) Greek Orthodox Church, Festal Menion Sarum, Doxology Blessings Antiphonary of Bangor Augustine of Hippo Church … Continue reading Featured Prayers: The Holy Trinity