Mozarabic Epiphany Prayer

The heavens are shining with the clear beauty of the stars, O Lord, and the very earth is made beautiful by a shining light, because you appeared to the world from your holy dwelling place. Remove from our hearts all sadness, for you came for this, to make all things new. Enlighten our eyes to … Continue reading Mozarabic Epiphany Prayer

Mozarabic Epiphany Prayer

You, O Lord,are the Star of truth, who rises out of Jacob,and the man who rises from Israel.In the new Star you show yourself as God,and lying in the crib as God and Manwe confess you to be the one Christ.In your great mercygrant us the grace of seeing you,and show us the radiant sign … Continue reading Mozarabic Epiphany Prayer

About the Mozarabic Rite

The People “Mozarabic” is really a term historians use for Christians who lived in Spain under Muslim or Arab rule. It literally means “among the Arabs.” The people never would have called themselves “Mozarabs.” The Rite The Mozarabic Rite (sometimes called the Visigothic, Hispanic or Andalusian Rite) had its beginnings in the seventh century with … Continue reading About the Mozarabic Rite

Good Friday Litany

Lord, hear the prayers of your people,and forgive our sins, for you are kind. Lord, Creator of the world, you judge righteously, deliver us from evil by your Right Hand,and forgive our sins, for you are kind. By your Cross you purchased for yourself a people from the nations, graciously blot out the sins of … Continue reading Good Friday Litany

…And Forgive Us

We cry to you, Lord, have mercy on us, and forgive us. King of Heaven and eternal Lord, receive the prayer we pour out before you, and forgive us. Visit the sick, release the captives, help the widow and the orphan, and forgive us. We have sinned and have turned from you. Redeemer of all, … Continue reading …And Forgive Us

Litany of Repentance

Christ, pitying Redeemer of souls, listen to the sighing of those who mourn, and have mercy. Lord, hear to your Church, and grant forgiveness to all we pray for, and have mercy. Remember that we are but dust and will return again to the earth. Refashion us for good, and have mercy. Forgive the sinner, … Continue reading Litany of Repentance

A Litany Prayer against Temptation

Raise up your power and deliver us, O Lord our God. When we are overwhelmed by the storms of temptation raise us up by your strength. Hear us, O Lord. Amen. Source: Mozarabic Breviary. Freely modified from Prayers of the Middle Ages, ed. J. Manning Potts.  

A Litany Prayer for Personal Dedication

O Lord Jesus Christ, you are the inexpressible joy of Christians, take away from us whatever is not yours, and make us yours in all things. Hear us, O Lord. Amen. Source: Mozarabic Breviary. Freely modified from Prayers of the Middle Ages, ed. J. Manning Potts.  

A Passion Blessing

May the almighty Lord, who bore the reproach of the cross, bless all this family present here. Amen. May he, who hung on the tree, himself lead us to the heavenly kingdom. Amen. May he place us at the right hand of the Father, who was made the cause of our peace. Amen. Through the … Continue reading A Passion Blessing

A Litany for Mercy

Turn away, Lord, the fierceness of your anger, and in pity spare your people, and have mercy. Grant a favorable and speedy answer to the prayers of all, and have mercy. Christ, look on our hardships, loosen the bands of death, and grant us life, and have mercy. See our tears, hear our sighs, and … Continue reading A Litany for Mercy