A German Blessing

Bless us, O God the Father, who created us, Bless us, O God the + Son, who redeemed us, Bless us, O God the Holy Spirit, who sanctifies us. O blessed Trinity, keep us in body, soul and spirit to everlasting life. Amen. Source: Weimarisches Gesangbuch, 1873 Quoted here:  A Minister’s Prayer Book © 1986 Fortress Press, Philadelphia Also … Continue reading A German Blessing

After Communion

O Lord Jesus Christ, you have richly fed and refreshed my soul. Help me to love you with all my heart, truly believe in you, and live according to your will. Finally, grant me a blessed and joyful end that I may live and remain with you forever. Source: Pomeranian Agenda, possibly by Johannes Bugenhagen, … Continue reading After Communion

Before Communion

Lord Jesus Christ, our only comfort, our hope, our righteousness, our strength and sure defense, kindle in our hearts a desire, hunger and thirst for the eternal food of the soul, your true body and blood, that we may gladly and frequently receive the sacrament, knowing our sins, but relying on you to strengthen and … Continue reading Before Communion

For Obedience to God’s Word

Lord God, heavenly Father, we thank you for giving us your holy Gospel and revealing your love to us. In your boundless mercy, help us hold on to this blessed light of your` Word, and through your Holy Spirit govern and guide our hearts, so that we may never stray from it, but hold fast … Continue reading For Obedience to God’s Word

Remembrance of Baptism

Lord God, heavenly Father, we give you thanks for the wonderful gift of baptism and the many gifts that come with it: forgiveness of sins, the Holy Spirit, and eternal life through your Son Jesus Christ. In your grace and mercy, preserve us in faith that we may never doubt your promise, but find our … Continue reading Remembrance of Baptism

The Reproaches

The Reproaches or Improperia are a series of antiphons and responses sung in Good Friday liturgies, usually in the afternoon. They first appeared in the ninth century. There are many different versions of the Reproaches with different verses. What is presented below is a shorter and possibly earlier version. O my people, what have I done … Continue reading The Reproaches

Your Compassion is Boundless

Almighty, merciful God, heavenly Father, your compassion is boundless. You are patient, gracious, and are rich in love and faithfulness. You forgive rebellion, trespasses and sin. We have sinned and have become evil, and have often angered you. Against you alone have we sinned and done evil in your sight. But Lord, do not think … Continue reading Your Compassion is Boundless

I Come According to Your Command

Heavenly Father, dearest God, I am an unworthy, poor sinner, not worthy to lift my eyes or hands to you or to pray. But since you have commanded us all to pray, and since you have promised to hear, and since you have taught us by word and example through your dear Son, our Lord … Continue reading I Come According to Your Command