A Collection of Prayers Annual Report, June 18, 2022

Today marks the 6th anniversary of A Collection of Prayers. 


Views in the past year show a steady growth compared to past years. The COVID lockdowns gave people occasions to look for prayers, and word seems to be spreading about our large database of classic prayers.

Searches and hits on “Lord, Have Mercy” and “In the Midst of Life We Are in Death” are still near the top, but “Sanctus / Holy, Holy, Holy” has risen to be the top item.

The chief views continue to be from English speaking countries (U.S., U. K., Canada and Australia), but there is growing usage from the Philippines, India and South Africa. We even got seven hits from Vatican City! (The Vatican is looking to http://www.acollectionofprayers.com to do their prayer research!?!) There are very few countries that haven’t viewed A Collection of Prayers. 

Links to A Collection of Prayers

WordPress lets me see referrers, that is, other websites that have a link to A Collection of Prayers. The biggest referrers are Christian spirituality websites (www.christianity.comwww.crosswalk.com) and a liturgy website (www.liturgies.net), followed by individual ministries, churches, and even denominational websites.

A Collection of Prayers: Publications

The sale of books pays for the website and supports research. Prayers from the Ancient Celtic Church and The Antiphonary of Bangor remain the top sellers. Old books will continue to be published and sold through Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon. New books will be published and sold through Lulu.com, which also distributes through Amazon.com.

A Collection of Prayers: Digital Products

ACOP ventured into digital products, focusing on downloadable resources for worship planners. Sales were slow. For that reason, along with the expense of maintaining an account with a vendor that handled e-commerce, and the question of sales tax, the digital products were discontinued and were converted to print products with directions on how to find passwords in the printed books and download from http://www.acollectionofprayers.com. This way, sales and distribution of resources for worship planners can continue without the added expense of an e-commerce site and taxes.

In free digital product downloads, The Way of the Nativity and The Way of Recovery were released in the last year.

Beyond This Website, Books and Products

Various denominational and devotional publishers have contacted me about using A Collection of Prayers as a source. We are always happy to share our work.

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Lutheran pastor and musician serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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